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Raiders of the casinos in Macau Macau casino wash code

what is Macau casino wash codeʱ??

Macau is to wash mud yard yard bets at the roulette earnings into cash code process. So what is the cash code What is mud code? In Macau field inside the chip is divided into two kinds, one called cash code, which kinds of chips can be directly used features are redeemable for cash; another kind of chip called mud yards, the difference between code and cash code mud is not directly convertible into cash, mud code for bets on the table, if you lose Casino will take away the mud code, if you win the casino will give you a code redeemable for cash, you go through cash code redeemable for cash.

Macau wash code is code commission rebate percentage is in accordance with a certain proportion of the commission returned to the wash code amount of guests, the basic unit of the general code commission is 100,000 washing yards. For example, if the code commission of 1.2%, then 10 ten thousand of the amount of code necessary to wash the guests returned to the commission is 1200. A different casinos in Macau wash code argument is that, if the commission code is 1000 + 100, then code ratio is 1% commission, the guests wash code 100000 Guests need to be returned to the commission's code is 1000 yuan in cash plus $ 100 Duting coupons. (coupons for Duting designated hotels for booking and dining).

Casino intermediary code that is out of commission, without compromise

Honored guest is God's idea, the agency set up special code casino grain paying agency, offering special care for the guests to wash code rebate settlement. Instant cash settlement immediate needs of the guests. Usually the agency is behind the casino with a strong consortium backing, uphold honesty of fast and convenient computer system, allowing guests to the casino intermediary very confident.

Macau VIP hall of the code of grain are generally settled once a month, most of the time code on the spot settlement grain will hit 6-8 fold. In order to attract more repeat business, casinos are based intermediary "that the code commission, not discount "approach, and strive to achieve all codes are available in the casino commission, even if the full amount of cash settlement, not divided into a few or a certain amount of settlement, are immediate recipients, mud code also can equal the cash refund Casinos These good service but also to draw more repeat customers.

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