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Macau casino in Macau become a beautiful landscape

Macau is not, there are many fine luxury hotels. These hotels are investors from around the world, distinctive features. In addition to beautiful appearance, hotel in Macau is full of interesting details of the office, embodies the culture, whether functional or ornamental both ingenuity. with positioning "world tourism and leisure center", Hotel Macau is not just travel resting place, both shopping and entertainment, casinos and many other functions in one, many tourists travel gradually became a unique landscape.

"A fresh recruit" to attract you

East meets West fusion of hundreds of years, forming a unique culture of Macao, locally known as "salty culture." This culture is also integrated into the hotel industry in Macao is reflected in the hotel's façade, management concepts and services project and other aspects. In appearance, many hotels distance is the Chinese style of building, but it is a close look at European pillar and European window decoration.

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Venetian Hotel in Macau, the fame, Venice, Italy, was moved to the second floor of the hotel bold ideas, ideas breathtakingly beautiful: blue sky, white clouds, a blue artificial canal runs through both ends of town, on the river floating boat, colorful castle stands on both sides, European-style street lamps exudes a vague glow, there was a balcony lifelike flowers, at the foot of the quartzite ...... you can not see the shadow of the hotel, it is entirely in town visiting Venice. Listen it was the boatman singing, visiting the tired wish to enjoy this beautiful tenor sat on the shore of the chair it.

In an interview with the gap in Macau, there is always a friend to recommend more than a month before the opening of Galaxy Macau hotel just go around. "There are the world's largest air wave pool and Asia's largest man-made beach, on vacation is the right man." It is said hotel The white sandy beaches are about 350 tons, the area is large enough, can accommodate more than 1,000 guests. In here, you can embrace the sea all year round, embrace nature.

To enjoy art, Sofitel Macau Ponte is appropriate, it is that one can feel the French art of living hotel.Hotel with a historic clock tower extends to both sides to make the center, filled with European-style.Commendable, the hotel built in the beginning of last year the famous singer Michael Jackson treasures gallery.Treasures Gallery exhibited over 40 of Michael Jackson's career iconic treasures, including its first performance space dance by wearing white gloves Rhine crystal stone, which had passed through the crystal socks, gentleman hat and autographed photos, etc..Visitors in the time tunnel, you can relive the career of Michael Jackson's brilliant record.The Treasures Gallery has become a must go to the land of Michael Jackson fans.There are fans message: "! Will go to Macau Ponte, can not miss the opportunity to feel close to the King of Pop."

The rise of new hotels all have a fresh recruit, veteran Macau hotel also has a killer. Macau old brand of luxury hotels Wynn Every hour has a "Tieshukaihua" performance in boosting opera music, ceilings and floors slowly open, looked up, gorgeous "sky" approach to visitors, Made bow on golden cycads forward stretch. Just ten seconds of time, "cycads" blossomed in the sky against the background of the magic show in front of the visitors ʱ??

"Stop" to keep you

Due to the important position of the Macau gaming industry, Macao's hotel tourists mainly from the gaming industry in Macao hotel casino operators of course, is for the center to the needs of tourists and convenience priority, hotel management, service work is very user-friendly, can be described as considerate.

First, the geographical location, the hotel is built near the casino most of them choose the place, as well as hotels built directly on the casino, which brings tourists to the hotel to a large extent, the consolidation of tourists, such as The Venetian Macao hotel, "one-stop" hate design leisure keep guests come to the hotel do not have to go out, for example, to the second floor shopping boutiques, duty-free also be discounted, and then stroll on the third floor of the Venetian town, where there are authentic Macau local cuisine. Some eat, some play, some shopping, of course the world can enjoy a high level of performance.

Secondly, in the hotel services, service projects are mainly designed for gamblers provide them as convenient as possible, such as the use of technology to provide intelligent hotel service: Different gamblers schedule for the use of light wake technologies; In order to ensure gamblers belongings safe, developed using fingerprint identification as a guest keyless door lock system, etc. In Macau, most hotels have 24 hours meal service, but also to provide free bus shuttle gamblers Border Gate, Macau Ferry Terminal and other services.

Hotels in Macau can rest, entertainment, shopping, enjoy the show and feel arts, the embrace of nature. Warm and considerate of one-stop service, so that visitors enjoy high-quality, money spent happy.

Nostalgic, nature, romance, novel, hotel in Macau, you can see, you can feel. To the Macau hotel might strings, go with a camera, with a purse to go, harvest must ultimately ʱ??

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