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Analysis helps to overcome the casino

Want to win casino gaming companies, in addition to a certain amount of Macau casino Raiders, but also know how to analyze the advantages and disadvantages between the player and the casino. Of course, the casino's advantage is self-evident, then the player how evasive, it is necessary a thorough look at the player's advantage to casinos in the contest and occupy a greater advantage in order to take appropriate action.

Let's gratifying to see players accounted What are the advantages:

(1) the player can return for preferential conditions high commission and casino incidental;

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(2) the player can sometimes owed the casino, but the casino but have to pay cash to the players.

(3) The player can bet selective, arbitrary subtraction stakes, but can not gamble;

(4) The casino is open 24 hours a day, all year round endlessly, the player may at any time out of the casino, the casino can not because the players stop gambling winnings;

Learn the advantages and disadvantages that should be a pretty good idea, clear.

(1) The players are mostly alone, the casino is an organization of organic operations;

(2) Casino shift system, the player can not be against it all depends on the individual strength;

(3) casino chips unlimited, but limited bargaining chip in the hands of the player;

(4) Casino no emotion, there is this kind of mood the player is sometimes difficult to control.

Gaming company is the player the merits of the above analysis, in which only a careful analysis of their own strengths, to address deficiencies, make full use of their own tactics Macau casino, so the casino advantage can not play a role, then you beat the casino is not what the myth.

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