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Betting Tips and Techniques - Article List - Page 10

Overall Analysis: Number of gravity has clearly shifted to the right trend, large area cold code 6,8,9 have thawed, with the exception trumpet missing values ​​greater than 3, and the remaining numbers are performing well, then more consideration tru …… [Read more]

Many people on career Betting Correct or incorrect or too romantic myth, let me do some clarification.1,Baccarat Professional gamblers?In online forums often see self-proclaimed professional gambler or legend baccarat. These legendary gambler become …… [Read more]

Usually we entered Casino When the mood is stable;Then get on the tables, along with gambling proceeds, our mood began to change,The first is "good luck" in coming: we will step by step implementation of our stakes law, feel good, not wrong …… [Read more]

Next:I was living in the United States with gambling story, win to win room (2)Currently stable earnings of $ 1 million each year in the United States, working 10-month break two months, this is the first for four years, until the end of the twinklin …… [Read more]

Previous:I was living in the United States with gambling story house win to win (1)Then say that the mentality of: 2006 to 2007 is my year of brilliance, it was before my wife and I finish school, I three master, my wife two, five master's degree …… [Read more]

Gamblers Daizai Lang Tong Wen of Taiwan have seen the article, very little thoughts, the article to "talk baccarat" in the title, earnestly pointed out that baccarat is not easy to win, Attu look after extremely agree with their arguments, …… [Read more]

A career veteran cadres gangs are generally one to three people, and they will appear in various capacities at different what gambling, gambling, and other places, he could be his brother in law, he could be his brother, could also be his cousin, as …… [Read more]

ʱ??Murphy's Lawʱ??School Kanamori Theorem"And"Peter Principle"And called the three Western culture of the twentieth century's most outstanding discovery.Murphy's Law is not a stressed human error probability law, but explai …… [Read more]

SJM out preliminary reference plate and fully disclosed specific meaning and true intentions are unknown. But when it comes back opening, SJM has a strange phenomenon, also counted as a law it (do not know whether to call the law of appropriateness). …… [Read more]

Crocodile principle is very well-known financial investment community an investment theory it means: It is assumed that a crocodile bite your feet, if you hand to try to break your foot, crocodile will bite your feet and hands The more you struggle, …… [Read more]

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