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Betting Tips and Techniques - Article list - Page 7

Whether gaming, or call gambling concept is so simple, I believe a lot of Lottery friends agree this definition, however, the world of gaming is mainly focused on understanding the meaning of the definition of the first half, whil …… [Read more]

Talk about the lottery, I think of the country caused a sensation Handan Agricultural Bank vault king in cash (51 million) theft case, which turned out to be the cause in order to buy lottery tickets, shocking. It is a true reflec …… [Read more]

The following is a summary of the gambling expert Collection:In the well-known martial arts writer, the less involved than for gambling in general. Even if the gambling scene, only glossed over. After all, gambling is a very good …… [Read more]

Originally I did not want them to say, because these are beyond the natural phenomena, so some people say I have a nerve problem, but it is also real.It is said that the Five Elements is one-dimensional, two-dimensional animal pla …… [Read more]

Discussed here is the use of "all wishes come true" method. Thoughts are magnetic, and with a certain frequency. When you think that thought is sent to the universe, and attract similar things all the same frequency. All …… [Read more]

For almost a 50/50 game, such as baccarat, size, West craps, roulette double games, I have a good way to win more than lose less, and simple.First of all to thank the American famous gambling house Hele Wei, his book "Casino …… [Read more]

Very simple, in the absence of the trend, it is not the law of the time, since there is no law, so why bother, thinking about which side you want to bet?When there is no trend, where bets are OK, remember to use 12 small note on i …… [Read more]

As I said, the trend comes, when it is the weakest of the casino, do not take this time to vigorously attack, when?Still, the trend can not be expected that we will never know, for trends, it will last long, long or short, it will …… [Read more]

Betting discipline inside, bar Jinhua is a comprehensive brand point than, than courage, more fun than a game of luck, but also a test of your intelligence and wisdom has been betting activity, it is to show your reasoning and sta …… [Read more]

The so-called no rules no standards, the principle of doing things is to have, in the gaming world inside, whether you are a football lottery, live games, lottery, etc., each gaming friends must always bear in mind what principles …… [Read more]

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