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Reflections on baccarat law of large numbers: the pressure or pressure Zhuang busy?

I summed up what everyone's charge method:

1. In accordance with "road" or "other way" to select remand Zhuang, leisure

2. Select a particular point only charge Zhuang, leisure .... For example, even the village after 3 bet busy, busy even after 5 bet village

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3. The full charge or full charge busy village

4. with their own will. Want to charge what you charge what necessarily

I would like to ask everyone's opinion:

Which items can have a higher "hit rate" or say "accuracy"

Zhuang charge? Charge busy? This four will have the same "hit rate" or say "accuracy" it ??

If we choose to bet 10 times, which four will have the same "hit rate" or say "accuracy" it?

In the village, leisure 50:50, so we all feel with what to charge or not Reflection from 50% hit rate!

So how can we casually stroll into the casino around, use whatever level is betting 10, should not lose Oh did not win out?

If two people mora, you think guessed 10 times, will each win it five times? If long mora, will each win half of it?

When you know the opponents have "a" habit, will each win half of it?

I think "people" because know how to think so wants to find ways to break through, as long as the entry point for the right time, you can improve the hit rate!

Because gambling Baccarat do not need to have bet each way. Oh it was long-winded, is probably telling you to know Baccarat, understanding probability. Do not believe that we can improve the hit rate!

I just want to say:

When you're looking to bet on the stage of the six village then your "stakes Law" idle charge

After you find the three gambling tables village and then your "stakes Law" idle charge

Both the hit rate will be the same?

Unable to break through the law of large numbers, gamblers do not have the conditions for the use of law of large numbers, in that case I ask you:

How the law of large numbers come from?

Is not bet carried out six village, gambling carried out three village, single-hop came.

You would think that everyone's hit rate is 50%, that it not someone hits 70 percent, law of large numbers was shooting 30 percent from the.

How the next one will always be 50%, there is no law of large numbers it!

Baccarat various exposition:

I personally do not like is more to do with the theory of long debate, I prefer the actual theory.

What is the actual theory?

That's what you use "your way" to win no ??

Whether black or white, as long as it can catch mice is a good cat

As long as you win your way, no matter how people say you are the right way, your theory is wrong, you continue to go in this direction would be a fool ... The fact is that you win, but also continued to win, you are the winner ʱ??

Then I do not know who is a fool!

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