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I buy on baccarat full free, watch some of the views of the road

In many baccarat discussion, people often mention that kind of play is the "Advanced play." What a play is "normal play"? I really do not know!

I do not know how much advanced than the average play is play win?

Advanced play is more advanced ?? Senior allow you winning it?

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There are some more discussion is that the next one is always 50:50, so the entire process can avoid busy pumping buy

I really do not know who is currently busy throughout the play is based on just under a 50:50 bet is always busy?

Or buy idle idle-free pumping only charge? Only charge one or both leisure?

This is not the same sense of them do?

There are "full", in the end is playing a few games called "full"? Nonsense is busy all have to play it

Believe me, if you cut a few small Heqing base code is less demanding, which means you hit innings

Busy throughout the fight is not over.

Discussed from time to time there are some tell Do not look at the "road" charge. Look at the road is very dangerous bet, look at the road is the primary person play.

Those roads are used by casinos to gamblers lost ........ etc

Now we ask the next one is always 50:50

Will I bet village or busy road in accordance with the decision in accordance with your decision to charge the advanced play or idle in place is not the same village

Did you must win this to? I must lose this to?

Your senior play not to = my road

In fact, Baccarat discussion contending there to discuss progress

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