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Baccarat survived four hours of actual wind

Tonight, from 19:00 start playing baccarat on-line battle, has been struggling in the wind the next, and finally at 23:00, the back of this.

Before the break for a moment, to wash in vain, I returned to the computer, it is necessary to summarize wanted.

Here is not that the investment law, single channel bet.

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White first, stakes are:



When the fighting began, under three, and soon, there has been five hands even negative, the stakes rising to 4.

Come and go between, unwittingly, came a few even negative, the stakes rose to 5.

Do not want to wind down or continue, in the total wins and 10 negative 18 hand hand, the stakes rise to six, entered the flat note hit stage 6.

Flat note 6, no improvement, 22 wins and 13 losses.

Helpless, into the second layer.

The second layer begins to launch a general offensive, flat note playing 8.

8 really good fight, to win the hand of the climax of 10, do not want to appear to float in aggregate win 8 hand, stop the attack, and this was 13 wins and 21 losses hands.

Not to attack, with six draws defenders note.

Playing six flat note, there has been deviation, 10 wins and 4 losses hand, it is also terrible.

Offensive raise his flag waved again, back to play eight flat note.

I do not want to turn in the enemy's ambush, 12 wins and 10 losses hands.

Commander impatient, screaming, and then assault, 10 people per team starting with 10 tie Note

Enemy chuckled, between retreat into advance and retreat, only the achievements of 20 wins and 22 losses.

Enemy soldiers will be more extensive, long-term, is not the answer, say, rations consumption is very large, long past, non-defeat is not.

Attack again.

12 people per team, lined up offensive began 12 flat note.

Big bang, after a front pull data, under the opportunity, rushed the position, achieved 17 wins and 12 losses record.

Originally intended to end the fighting soon, but the army has always been the preferential treatment of prisoners, cannon replaced by a small gun, back 6 flat note.

Small guns are OK, 3-1 to end the fighting.

Water low tide the enemy, our army should rest, not win, tottering foe Mo chase.

Daluoshuigou, it might bite was not worth it.

Today, a war, will lay a good foundation for fighting back.

108 total wins and 100 negative hand, winning: 48.0769%.

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