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Village of Baccarat, leisure area on the ground points of understanding: a small card points, transition points, the big points

In the casino there is a "legal points" of an unwritten rule. Zhuang, a busy place at each contest, according to the provisions in each area at least to get two cards, up to three cards, and their total number of points of view to be casino "Statutory Points" for the region.

This article states:

First, the village, the idle land acquisition each card points, called "small card points."

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Second, the village, the idle land two cards total number of points still need to Bo card, called the "transition points."

Third, the village, the idle on the ground two or three cards total sum of cards "legal points" called "big points" The following two examples busy winning village lost:

Example one: in a brand new shoe, the first contest in the village idle, bored a 1:00 (small card points), one was 8:00 (small card points), two card total of 9:00 (big points ). Zhuang have a 4:00 (small card points), one was 6:00 (small card points), two card total of 0:00 (big points).

Example 2: In a new shoe brand, the village, the first contest in idle, bored a public (small sign points), one was 4:00 (small card points), two card total of 4:00 (transition points ) Chuang was a public (small sign points), one was 6:00 (small card points), two card total of 6:00 (transition points). in accordance with the provisions of idle land to Bo card, free win 7:00 (small card points), idle land three cards totaling 1:00 (big points) then the village must also be required to Bo card: 4:00 village won a card (small card points), three card total of 0:00 (big points) ʱ??

In the two examples above, the vast majority of gamblers bet village to accept the first one fails, but can not afford the second case. II Examples of some gamblers will get the last card in the face (4:00) when cramps, angrily threw the brand soft ball licensed casino staff. This drooling behavior gamblers because of their poor psychological preparation, during the operation of the casino making "legal points" lack of knowledge, the small card points, transition points, the big points such concepts no strict distinction, but rather caused by confused and so on understanding.

In short, the village, counting problem free area on the ground should have the following understanding:

Baccarat is a card shoe 10 to pay a total of 520 cards for the licensing of gambling by the formation up.Zhuang gambling table, free of "legal points", after a few "small sign points" as determined by the total number of sheets in the eyes of baccarat gamblers poker should not know the grounds of 520 "small card points "The composition, it should be understood as follows: the number of sheets poker Baccarat is a 168 (Zhuang, leisure each 84)" big points "composed.As for the "big points" of the internal structure and composition of the process, gamblers should not be concerned about.Because these "big points" in the objective existence of the Founding before, but by looking at the licensing procedures allow casino gamblers who read it with the naked eye, to increase the number of gamblers Dubo senses, stimulating in judgment, add some Dubo fun Bale.Let winning gamblers excited, let gamblers lose money dejected.Whether it is also sadly excited gamblers will consume physical (energy).Therefore, these irritating fun of it only for gamblers harm, no good, only in vain gamblers limited energy consumption.

Here to explain is: winning gamblers will be revival, will lose money dejected, it is human nature, is a normal reaction of people mastered the "legal points, the big points," the essentials of gamblers will be in the final result. When appears excited or dejected, it will consume energy itself, but it will not go in vain and then limited energy consumed to see the licensing process!

As an already mastered the big points / legal points essentials gamblers, it should be fully recognized and accepted (Chuang Chuang Sheng Sheng busy or idle and and state) all the permutations, the 0:00 to 9:00 Ye Hao, 9:00 to 0:00 or, he could calmly accept. Since then there should not be two examples of such gamblers appeared in abnormal psychology and behavior above gaffes.

Casino in the village, both idle contest, not a simple single-card bouts law, and the use of two to three cards of complex contest law, its purpose is to break a shoe brand in the village, the percentage of leisure, so that gamblers can not were calculated using a mathematical fixed. However, this method can not destroy the complex contest ten shoe brand in the village, the ratio between leisure, thus ensuring 50% within the overall structure of baccarat is not destroyed.

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