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Win positive law analysis: beat baccarat dealer with a flat injection method

Baccarat There is no absolute positive win-law, but the player can be analyzed according to the first half of the shoe brand way his mind anticipated Positive law Winʱ??

When expectations are to win the hearts of the law more than 70 incoming charge level Note. Can overcome Baccarat 50/50 Gameʱ??

1, tour desk analysis of the first half boots are the way to win licensing law.

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2, flat note

3, very calm.

4, 100 yards sufficient amplitude.

5, incoming chaos, win the hearts of the expected positive law is not high determined not to bet.

In the law of large numbers, the hearts of countless expected to win 70% of positive law, should be able to beat 50%.

Baccarat is nothing more than a village road with busy, even with the jump, concave and convex.

Baccarat is not complicated. Complicated method of betting is not really practical. With the win the hearts of the expected positive law, can calm the war baccarat with a flat note.

What is a positive win-law, I do not understand mathematical concepts (less educated) I use my own words, is deviated from it, even if it is a positive deviation from 50/50 to win the law, of course, the higher the deviation as possible, preferably deviate from the 70%? - -80%, and then bet is the opposite of it.

And most important thing is not to win or lose a shoe brand fixed temporarily lose half boots okay, come back to win the next one and a half boots.

Deviate more than 70% of the first half boots brand road, half boots continue to deviate even further, it will not deviate to 100%, so after half boots also can not lose lose a few yards.

Almost impossible a shoe brand all the way or all the busy village. Even really deviate from 100% of the cards hit the road, and only lose half shoe brand only. Calm, very calm, the next win back.

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