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Baccarat practical skills: duplex cable with simplex cable (straight cable)

Bo Friends have said that there is a way more efficient than a straight cable, what is it?

The answer is simple, that is a straight cable turns to two, 6-type cable is the "16, 32", a total of 63 injection.

Becomes two, it is the "1,2,4,8,16", a total of 31 injection, two 5-type cable 62 Note

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Both comparable cost, the size of the stakes, the length of lavish, set by themselves, it's that simple.

If before the fifth shop, everyone constantly cable, then betting methods and stakes, are no different in terms of the first injection win, or win in the fifth note, the result is the same. The only difference psychology, to fifth When the shop, 6 type cable still two strokes in hand, while the 5-type cable has come to a tiebreaker, in the face of life and death.

There comrades asked, what is most important is to bet the cable, the answer is definitely not broken cable. People off the cable, and the cable ship breaking, has a very comparable likeness.

Cables, intended to refer to the Department of the marine rope or cable, twisted shares refers to many things like cable, such as cable, wire rope.

In the Cantonese dialect, there is another meaning of the word cable: Why Cantonese stakes law, then, will say the stakes law cable I did not research it, guess the reason is the stakes law generally consists of a string or a? series of numbers, there is a strip of shape, more importantly, once losing overloaded stakes law generally very serious consequences, commonly known as "off the cable."

Stakes law refers to attempts by betting on changes in size to reduce or slashing DC predominance approach. Generally the number of columns in the form of a performance, there can be some fixed calculation method to derive the next level. The most widely known Martin Siegel system than the "Martingale System." Every lost time put stakes doubled again.

5-type cable with a 6-style cable is this principle, the fifth shop if win, everything is fine, everything starts again. The fifth shop if missed, that paved straight sets 5, 5 type cable cable break announced losses 31 basic stakes, 100 yuan, 3,100 yuan is the next shop and start again. The difference between the sixth shop big, 5-type cable to start again, bet 100 yuan, the outcome irrelevant, only the first type, there are four opportunities with tail.

This shop sixth shop if lost, 5 type cable 3100 yuan plus 100 yuan, a total loss of 3,200 yuan .6 type cable breaks, losses 6,300 yuan, 3,100 yuan more than the former output, to regain lost ground, they are each SHOP won only 100 yuan, to spend very great efforts. But things have to see from both sides, this shop if won, 5 type cable to reduce losses 100 yuan 3100 yuan, still a loss of 3,000 yuan, while the 6-type cable is not broken, net win 100 yuan.

As you can see 5 type cable with a 6-style cables are, in fact, "a gambling shop"

In the sixth shop, 5-type cable abandoned chase, resumed .6 type cable is deciding game, to ensure a shop Fanben This paved the outcome, almost dominate the outcome, and the outcome of a card shop It is pure luck rather than the cable type and technology.

Continue playing, it is another one of the cycle, you will find, or will affect the outcome of this shop.

5-type cable broke and 6 type cable is not broken, the former shop to spend 31 victory, excluding pumping, before chasing the tie. The latter is not broken cable, profits have been increased, by this time, may far better than the former 30, 40 basic note. But if so, both have broken cable, cable-type short by rapidly surfaced.

Duplex cable or single cable type, vary, the secret is the most common statistics Shop losing streak of their own, as the decision.

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