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Baccarat betting Anti-cable method (graphic explosion Road Act)

The so-called "cable", that is a series of Notes, a series of several paved bets. The most common is when fired three village shop after, they begin to buy idle. The first shop to lose, second paved double, the second shop again lose a third shop to continue doubling to buy in so far.

Some people say: "Buy Cable win", but there is no such will not break the cable, there is always one will break, once broken will bear the consequences Big casino located on the lower proportion of a bet, to protect the casino itself. interests. The statistical and computer analysis, to achieve long-term continuous cable, at least ten standard shop before security undefeated, but ten shop and just over the stakes, it is a contradiction, is not feasible.

No permanent continuous cable, it means that there will be off cable, that cable would like to continue to be difficult, but want their normally-off is not a problem, especially four or five lay cable shop, almost every box will be off As B, B, B, B, B, normal buy cable will be lost after the first village shop to buy 100, the output of the second shop to buy a 200, the third shop to buy 400 lose, lose fourth shop to buy 800, fifth shop Buy 1600. Once this even opened the shop five idle, immediately broken cable, an output that is 4100. This method basically can be concluded that long losing bet, because the situation appears more than five consecutive busy shop is inside a box of brand-off times not surprisingly.

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After I statistics, the average off most of a four-type cable, about two to three times per box Five pack type cable on average once or twice, then cable Six pack only once. Seven type cable and over not Each box will appear will be the so - Five cable would be more feasible, not only common, but also to maintain good profit. bet on this anti-cable way, is required considerable patience, we must keep the faith, believe that this is now as will appear. lose the front should not be discouraged, the first case of five busy can win it back with interest. In addition, sometimes a box of cards in front five have appeared even in case of idle phenomenon, that profit at hand, they can already wait a second box.

If long-term bet on only one side, village or busy, it will make others feel very strange, may refer BPPBP order, sequentially bet. Won the first paved buy idle, won the second shop to buy a third shop busy busy, After the buy village, to the fifth free shop and bought all the re pretext began to live together. Do not worry, this arrangement order, almost a pack of cards have appeared.

In reality, a higher rate of critical road win of play, so we consider critical road game. As for what the road easily burst, when the explosion, in which the starting point, what kind of stakes, it is a matter of opinion things, according to their own situation develop an appropriate program.

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