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William Ladbrokes Weide easy wins bobo paradise winning international passengers (Unibet) Macaucoral (Eurobet) Expekt bet365 bwin Centrebet InterwettenSNAI Nike maxi-tip 24hpoker (24hbet) STS GlobetTipsport Vierklee Paddy Power chance Fortunabet-at-h …… [Read more]

Sun Tzu has said: Know thyself, know yourself put it this law universally, even in the field of football betting addition, there are also three Sun Tzu applies Lottery, namely: the cover of darkness, Collateral and to wait at Plaza.First, the cover o …… [Read more]

Handicap is a dynamic odds change constantly, resulting in dynamic Handicap too many factors, of course, becomes the reason we are able to judge, there are genuine football Handicap points, the key is the alignment of the opening when the dealer Bet …… [Read more]

Open position on the odds, is a complex process, it is not just a single win compensation level compensation or the problem of negative lose positions, but rather calculated in three directions, for example, wins compensation as different level of ne …… [Read more]

A play of any player wants to know what the most accurate, in fact, if you are looking for one pair out of all races to achieve a very precise betting company, it is impossible because of the different betting companies to different events grasp is d …… [Read more]

First, this could make selection more streamlined, it allows you to focus more on analyzing the game.Second, unlike the Asian plate to play big ball or standard disc, no reversal of that only growing, according to the ads on the statement, that only …… [Read more]

Sports Betting soccer ball more now by more and more bettors liked, because he does not have to endure two hours of torment and the game ball size balls and roll again roll the two most mainstream HandicapChase the ball requires wisdom, chasing a lar …… [Read more]

Detailed hemisphere- Let the ball just to play chess handicap is the same reason.For example, a handicap:Such as Portugal (Rangyi Qiu) to Greece, is the game did not start even 0: 1 the pressure of winning or losing, the last actual tie the score, th …… [Read more]

Today to introduce a new open project under the bookmakers comparison:Asian betting companyCASINO (188bet)Football, soccer ball, football, basketball, badminton, baseball, cricket, hockey, handball, volleyball, rugby, tennis, table tennis, golf, raci …… [Read more]

Asian Handicap Odds clearance (including principal) is to string payout factor per game even by specific payout coefficient is calculated as follows:1, an "all win" appears in the string, the field Purse coefficient: 1+ excluding principal …… [Read more]

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