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Sports Betting and Gambling - Article list - Page 3

Sports betting popular in the majority of sports fans, most of the old gambling players also have their own set of theories. For instance, some people are good at analysis Team strength contrast, some people are good at research H …… [Read more]

European plate that is European Handicap betting European gaming companies out of the betting odds, betting objects inclusive, not limited to football betting, of course, we only care about sports betting in football betting this …… [Read more]

Look at this picture below twenty-fifth round of the Serie A match, Juventus home game against Bologna. Take this game as an example, let us begin to understand the learning betting odds!Asian Handicap Asian gaming company based f …… [Read more]

Asian Handicap HandicapPrior to 1998, gambling is more popular in Southeast Asia, then Asia, there is no scale of soccer betting company, each planet village are large European bookmakers agent (such as William Hill), also played …… [Read more]

Read the following people including inappropriate to hold any one of the following views are those involving a detour :( please, no intention to waste your valuable time)Believe winning is the last word or similar views;I think lu …… [Read more]

Large heat from the dealer will, rather than through free home based on more subjective method of analysis was used to analyze the "hot." However, the widespread misunderstanding is that people tend to judge overheating …… [Read more]

Players: has been just hold the nose, so a walk is 8 years, Hong Kong has finally obtained a master's instructions, he said: 8-year study concluded that the odds: that is do not believe the odds !!!Players: Impossible, no odds …… [Read more]

Play Ball heart to see someone summary analysis of water:Recently, I also liked to play with the ball. Occasionally a little note, although not stay up late to watch the game, but still a little uneasy sleep before betting, we nat …… [Read more]

According to my analysis, football Cup competition system is different from the Football League, often a long interval of time, but also a turn-based, which creates a lot of uncertainty, coupled with substantially all of the Cup a …… [Read more]

First half of July, two weeks event summary.After the alarm system, a total of 40 games bets, wins 11 games, two postponed matches, winning 29%Use of fundsPrepare the principal stakes of 20 parts, the current loss of 0.5 parts wat …… [Read more]

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