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? Result of a football match is predictable, then predict match results, colleague, how odds apply to it due to the different companies in which the three results out of the profit rate is different, so I think: the same kind of prediction As a resul …… [Read more]

World Soccer birth, Lottery game will slowly begin. Although not very long in the history of Chinese Football Lottery, for the entire betting industry trusts, the majority of players are real vulnerable groups, over the years, how to ascertain a game …… [Read more]

Life-long learning, we learn the highest level, in the betting is learning, in order to more jackpot!A lottery is a sports fan, particularly fond of football, but also a hardcore soccer lottery, with his years of accumulated history of the football t …… [Read more]

Play Football Lottery and play the stock market there are many similarities, Handicap odds with many stocks theory of operation there are many common place. That is, the odds and the odds are improving the accuracy of prediction game two of the most …… [Read more]

Lottery is really new to know nothing about, through their own experience, and finally won the football has a lot to learn. Novice allies, whether in the Lottery's hovering in front of it, that look at the ball I bought experience, I believe will …… [Read more]

Play wave for so many years, I did not feel tired, nor did it dull, but have never been a dead end and hide their faces away. A lot of friends have left the firm, not my fault, I could not help them, each coming with an interesting I play, I say this …… [Read more]

For many sports enthusiasts, sports betting is a great pleasure for their support of the team next record re-injection, and then share the joy of victory with the feeling is wonderful, however, there are many frustrating moments.!: the team lost, he …… [Read more]

Football Lottery in the world, has developed opportunities for more than 100 years of history, but the Chinese league, there is no change yet.Over the years, I have been calling for the early release of Chinese Football Lottery in the true sense - th …… [Read more]

Sports Betting websites which settled relatively quicklyPlayers: Will sports betting website that relatively fast settlement?Reply:188BET Billing is also fairly fast.There are no strings sports betting grounder offPlayers: Will there string ball off …… [Read more]

European betting companies to obtain comprehensive and unique is the average player can not match, therefore, the European index often we judge the results of the primary reference material match, in most cases, the index can objectively reflect the …… [Read more]

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