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Casino fight in years SicBo personal experience

Casino Fight in years Sic Bo Personal experience (only personal subjective view), do not like do not shoot ...

Talk less nonsense, straight to the theme:

As we all know, sic-bo is a combination of three dice made. After three years of fighting, I found that in the last round to open three dice least one of which will be opened or the next round.

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And because each dice is composed of 1,2,3,4,5,6 a total of six points, so if there was a dice is open 1:00 or 2:00 or 3:00, result is not to open a small chance larger?

And if there is a dice which is open 4,5,6 point, resulting is not open big opportunity is not big?

According to the above rules, then we will wait for time to sell the shot timing as follows:

Out of the last round of dice combinations: 112; 113; 123; 122; 223; the next round to play small.

Out of the last round of dice combinations: 665; 664; 456; 655; 554; next big fight.

Note: Because of the small 3, and 4 large is more dangerous, so I only played these combinations.

After several years in the casino and I Internet Casino The practice, according to the above method may be making the advantages of approaching zero, of course, but also rewarding individuals into the bag, and gradually improved more than just personal opinion, we can practice, we want to help ...

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