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Play Sic Bo will win tricks and their vulnerabilities

A trip to Macau to play, in addition to visiting with his wife for two days at the Venetian, the focus is Casino It!

Went did not play Blackjack Or slot, all in play than the size of the

Known than the size in Macau Sic Bo Basically three dice in a covered glass container of years, covered by the dealer, and then shaking the container there is a button to roll the dice, you can take the pressure size or the number of children guess, guess combinations and the like, and finally by the dealer to open the lid to see points

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Minimum of 3 points, the highest 18 points, 3-10 small, large 11-18

You can also press 111,222-666 points, which is not in the size of six, for example, out of the 111, even if you win the pressure is not too small

You can also press a single point like a 1-6 point, if you press while the three dice is 135 bit, then you win, if the pressure a little out of 235 that you lose ... you push it a little out of 115 you win twice, and so on

I play casino in Macau two full days Sic Bo, the first day only half won $ 1,500 playing the next day the whole morning is spent in the above win 7,000 Australian dollars

However, the most to lose, I lost $ 1,000 on the first day, the next day to lose $ 6,000, so the next day funds fluctuate reached 13,000 Australian dollars, now back Xiangqilaijiu horrifying ...

I was watching people say this move, "Sic Bo will win" tricks in the network, of course, provided that the funds should be enough

Each casino bet most ?? little different, but if you buy only about the size are between 100-150 words, if you want to pay for the point that is 50, which is to buy 111-666 200 .... like I do not say, my focus is on more than size

To place a bet, you want to choose large or small (for example, that big), selected after not changed, then the first minimum amount, such as 100, if you lose, that next time, or the next big doubling down 200, lose it again is a big 400 doubles, If you win, then change it back next time 100

Thus, each win will put before losing to win back and win one hundred, I count to show you ...

Lose once (under one hundred) won the second (two hundred win four hundred) words is to win one hundred yuan .... -100 to 200 + 400 = 100

Lose twice (under one hundred, two hundred) won the third (under four hundred win eight hundred) words or win one hundred .... -100-200-400 + 800 = 100

So long as you have enough money, it is impossible to lose!

But the problem is if you keep on funding ── did not win the last principal, then, is wholly lost

The amount bet as follows ... (first of the) 100, (second to) 200, (the third) 400, (the fourth) 800,1600,3200,6400, (the eighth) 12800, ( The ninth) 25600

If you lose one of three will win the post, that is to say you have 100 + 200 + 400 + 800 of the total 1500 yuan to the money "earn back", and if I hand money only 1,000 Australian dollars, then I lost three The hand on the left after 300 yuan no way under a fourth of the 800 ....

So although Normally, large and small probability should be the same one to one, but ?? What if, for five consecutive six large or small, it is a test of the heart of the ...

Lost six in a row, then you have to bet the seventh to 6,400 yuan, which means you have to remove lose 100 + 200 + 400 + 800 + 1600 + 3200 yuan a total of 6300 Australian dollars, but you also have to Dir 6400 yuan Australian dollars seven have a chance to win back .......... If we win did not come back that you have to have money to go under the Eighth 12800 to .....

Saying this block is capped, the ceiling varies due to the casino but I remember most of all twenty thousand, so if lost eight ...... I've seen even open 13 small .....

Of course, there are no maximum bet casino limit VIP area, but I have enough money, get in ....

Also a story....Mainland Wuxi has a very famous diamond trader surnamed Shi, possessions 1.5 billion yuan, the year the team because of his son's marriage appeared N Taiwan famous luxury sports car...Recently he was bankrupt, but also from the marriage, the reason is that Sic Bo! Read papers reported at the time to explain the whole process, is that his son went to the Macau Dubo, first playing blackjack and a bunch of others, are is a small flutter lose, like tens of millions lost anyway when he changed to play Sic Bo, with what I said above, this approach, the problem is he is very bad, like a dozen note it straight sets...Of course, he is not like me 100 yuan jump...People hundred thousand take-off....Therefore, the net worth of 1.5 billion so....

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