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Bet roulette skills Colour law

This method is used to charge the color, that is, charge "red" or "black."

Bet $ 1 on your favorite color.

If you lose, the next inning, the more you bet a dollar ..

If you win, the next inning you bet a few dollars.

Thus, this approach allows us Win more, lose lessʱ??

For example: You bet a dollar lost, a game you can bet the next two dollars; if they lose,

Then I bet three dollars this time you win, then the next you bet $ 2.;

You win again, then the rest is only $ 1 bet. If you lose this board, this group game will be over.

A new set of games and then start from $ 1.00.

Too simple!

This method is very simple, and 比马丁格勒 more cautious.

Because here with a cumulative $ 1 instead of the double accumulate.

Of course, also hit last longer ring true when I'm feeling. So I suggest that this method also need to sensible use!

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