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Roulette game's most powerful visual method

Roulette game system requires little time and the turntable starts running the ball after the start of betting. It also means having a simple and perfect counter-measures, after the ball is thrown ban betting. In this condition What is the most powerful roulette gambling law, I think it is visual method.

But I investigated many of the world places including Reno, LasVgas, London, Venice, MonteCarlo, Nice, only a few places will throw the ball in after a ban betting. The usual practice is the central front in the small ball into 1 or 2 laps within'll shout "stop betting." So, I think it is the most powerful roulette visual method.

Simple counter-measures mean that this casino two questions: (1) to determine whether to make the correct prediction and obtain sufficient, first in theory and then in the casino; (2), concealed the system installed does not allow casino We know it's functioning.If we can solve the problem of prediction that it is easy to solve the problem of camouflage.Let an observer as part of the system stood beside roulette record number appears, there are many people doing the same thing that does not seem to be surprised.But this observer while hiding a computer equipped with a stopwatch.His real job is to record the ball and turntable time (after we placed the switch toes operation, so both hands are empty) the computer will do the prediction and the results transmitted via radio punter.Punters located in the most distant of all outputs demonstrated by the observation timing thing with unrelated persons.Punter position will not easy to see where the ball and the turntable so as not to arouse the attention of casino.In order to make the timing and the punters who do not have any association between I have a few punters, they and those who have the same timing with.They each come and go between random.

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Important Note code will be placed before the ball throw, a punter bet if often the case and often win will soon be in doubt. To avoid this I plan to let the punters are pellets ago thrown bet. This bet be limited so that their expectations will not be offset by other negative positive expectation bet.

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