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Play roulette betting strategies popular

First, the single and double French

With 16, 32, ... .. doubling bets law, as long as the pressure of time to earn a knife, the specific pressure method is: first the odd and even each press knife, as long as no 0 , no profit no loss, after only ever pressed the opposite of the previous figures are out, that last a single double this pressure, but this pressure last out double. Every since the pressure from the knife, if not, the next times doubled, if in the next time again from the knife from the press.

According to my experience, if there is $ 200 in the present, then determined to win a knife to operate once a day, enough to win 10 knives walk away, I do not want to win immune.

My habit is to multiply by 1,3,7,15,31,63 ...... 2 plus about injection method, the advantage is on average once every pressure to earn a knife, the disadvantage is the bet of the same number of times under continuous loss less a. In terms of $ 200 bet on this count, 10 knives away win enough people risk not higher than doubled bets law, by 2 plus about 10 times the pressure will be able to earn enough to bet 10 knives, while doubling bets French press at least 20 times or even 30 times 40 times.

Second, a play

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With 1,3,9,27,81, three times ...... betting method, as long as the pressure of time to earn a knife, the specific pressure method is: First in a three knife laid note area of ​​each press, as long as no 0, no profit no loss, only ever pressed after the last injection area to lay out a further two districts equal bets that last out of a zone press twenty-three double this area, the Second District last double this time Pressure thirteen areas, the previous three districts out of twelve double this pressure zone. Each time the knife from the pressure, if not, the next turn 3 times, if in the next time again from the knife from the press.

Drholite casino in a note can be pressed to lay a knife from the bottom to the top 2500 knife, if the minimum is set at 25 knife can be pressed up to 2900 knife.

And single and double French win first win as a knife, in order to average a knife can be used to win by 3 plus 1 betting method, 1,4,13,40,121, ...... ..

The second formula (5 times in odds of roulette numbers bet target group)

This is a relatively common and webmaster I designed a formula in higher profits when statistics become available way, do not everything he knows, you carefully look.

★ first is to charge as many chips or to obtain a complete information, if it is in a real casino after (such as Master to Star Cruises) on course for a first chips do not bet, bet watching others to record information.

It is divided into six regions digital (1-6), (7-12), (13-18), (19-24), (25-30), (31 to 36)

After complete records. On according to the following formula bets.

Example: If you bet on the total investment in the net profit after deducting investment

1st $ 5 USD $ 25 -5

2nd $ 6 $ 25 -11 dollars

3rd $ 8 $ 29 -19 dollars

4th $ 10 $ 31 -29 dollars

5th $ 12 $ 31 -41 dollars

6th $ 15 $ 34 -56 dollars

7th $ 18 $ 34 -74 dollars

8th $ 22 $ 36 -96 dollars

9th $ 27 $ 39 to $ -123

10th $ 33 $ 42 to $ -156

11th $ 40 $ 44 to $ -196

12th $ 48 $ 46 to $ -244

13th $ 58 $ 45 to $ -302

14th $ 70 $ 48 to $ -372

15th $ 85 $ 53 to $ -457

Normally, with the probability of 6/38, and 15 times in a row does not appear to be a combination of you is about 7.6%

★ means have a chance in the 15th ninety three will appear. In the case of the amount you can afford to bet, the probability of winning is 93% (not to mention the record has to have some prior condition to determine a)

Generally speaking, owners hope everyone is the reason for record attendance and play the same red and black, to judge about what the recent numbers. If the information is complete, then, generally speaking, are within 5,6 times will be, and then nor more than 10 times.

Common words about two hours to make a ten thousand block of NT is no problem, if it is judged correctly will be faster.

Or add red and black and the hybrid use of odd and even bet.

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