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[Original] roulette strategy to fight water Wynn

Personal original Rotary table Betting Wynn strategy to fight water law:

A fixed order of two zones Roulette betting - that is, the two areas each bet, firsthand Bet 1; Zone 2, regardless of winning or losing the second hand on the next 1; 3 area, regardless of winning or losing a third hand under 2; 3 area, regardless of winning or losing hand and lower back a fourth; 2 Zone ---- infinite loop.Note code law: Any single-handedly win the next Mario or too after three tests, Mario could win 1.25-based code, over three hurdles could win 2.375 base code, or more than three passes for higher profits, but personally feel that within three tests is the best, the risk is not too large, which can also profit.-------- From the probability point of view, I think this method to play running water or a small win a few yards should not be difficult, in the free roulette Game Inside experiment, the feeling is that it should do the same ...... no time to make detailed data to substantiate the hope that caring people help to make a few statistical evidence

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