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Mathematical theory Macau casino lounge wash code

just now Baccarat Stack yards, hit promotions, earn rakeback, seems to be a trend, including cellular phones, redemption and other veterans also seems to think the only way to win is the code commission baccarat.

Casino How much out of commission rate of the code in revenue? Casino transcoding yield is calculated? Highest able to open the casino commission code number? Now I do on the basis of mathematical theory Macau Lounge wash Codes.

Transcoding yields.Also called "kill count" that casino revenues and number of relationships needed to produce this income amount of mud transcode between.Namely: CW / DCs, where CW is the casino gross revenue, DCs mud transcode amount of mud code change, the more proof if the player loses, the more?Let's look at another formula: Players disadvantage = casino gross revenue / player bets the amount.But the difference between code and cash code mud that: When the mud yard bet table games, wins or loses, win win came in cash code, mud code you can then bet, so bet amount and the amount of mud transcode is not the same concept.Estimate CW / DCs according to Macau Lounge experience, approximately equal to 2.8%, in the village of Baccarat we know the possibility of winning is 45.85,974%, the possibility of winning 44 free.62,466 percent, and the possibility of winning is 9.5156%, if a player with a million to Macau Lounge wash yards, then theoretically how much he will bet the amount of manufacturing it?If he had full custody busy: 1000000/45.85974% = 2,180,561.86, that is, he needs at 2,180,561.86 Note will lose one million.In this process, he will win it came much cash code?2180561.86 * {(44.62466% * 1) - (45.85974% * 1)} = 26,929.94, in theory, to wash one million gamblers will lose 26,929 code.94 yuan, which is transcoding yield casino: 26,929 / 1,000,000 = 2.69%.But players will definitely take back the remaining 973,070 yuan mud bet code 1000000/2.69% = 37,174,721 yuan, we calculate the player loses one million theoretically he would produce the amount of 37,174,721 yuan of transcoding.Therefore: probability transcoding yield = HA / PL, where HA = player disadvantage, PL = lose.

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Now let us look at Macau can lounge out of the code commission rate limit is the number?

First code commission rate no higher than the actual casino transcoding yields, but not below zero .CW / DCs> DCc / DCs> 0, where CW casino winnings amount, DCc code commission amount, DCs mud yard sales.

We also calculate the actual cost of Macau Lounge, 1, according to 35 percent of gross income levy Betting Special tax, 2, according to 1000 yuan per gambling machines, gaming tables Lounge each 300,000 yuan, 150,000 yuan midfielder table games each premium collection of gold.3, the company profit tax, 4,1.About 5% of the social purposes of taxation, income tax intermediaries 5,1%.Nearly 40 percent more than the total, from transcoding yield is calculated: 2.* 9% (1-40%) = 1.74%, meaning that only 1.74% by the casinos and lounges are assigned, then count 10% of the operating costs: 1.74% -2.9% * 10% = 1.45%, which is capable of Macau Lounge theory out of the code commission rate limit.We saw will know why Macau gambling Lounge "under-table" rampant?Of course, this is not the scope of my discussion today.Code commission rates are generally in Macau 0.8-1.About 0%, I have seen the highest reaches 1.4 percent, of course, know the code commission rate limit its ability to open out, then do not dare to go higher.

Let's analyze Lounge garbled process: First, Duting contractor to pay a deposit casino.Second, the casino grant loans or mud code Duting contractor to contractor Duting mud code to purchase casino.Third, the main hall to the stack code earners grant loans mud code.Fourth, the stack code earners then the mud yard lending or resale VIP Player.Fifth, the players began to bet on table games.Sixth, the player loses the mud yard win cash back yard, seven, stack yards earners starting stack yards, with mud in the hands of the players in exchange for cash code code.Eight code Tsai then fold their cash code by a certain code commission rate selling Duting.Nine, the players continue to use the code from the stack exchange earners in the hands of the mud yard go gambling, gambled until the hands of the mud code.Ten, stack code earners begin to discuss gambling debts owed players.XI stack code earners after going back to cash to repay the money owed in Duting.XII Duting get the money and then buy mud code to casino.

The above process again and again.

It should be noted that the Macau main hall lounge assume unlimited liability, unprotected Macau bankruptcy law.

Now I bet it say what the bottom? Its principle is the main lounge of tax evasion, collusion with the players, take Uncensored bet or small yards big bet way, according to the table out of the results, carried the audience to bet, For example, a player with a good agreement Duting Yiyidangshi, in the VIP hall took thousands of mud code, say good equivalent of one million, and ultimately he won a hundred thousand, the main hall but also other private pay him nine hundred thousand, due to the Macau government only for countertop water tax, the audience need not pay tax on the gambling part, which is commonly known as countertops audience, lean lose billions of dollars a night, most are taken in this way.

I heard that there are two lounge Macau: one is the "kill count" hall, which received a certain percentage of the casino lose lean together bear the risk of another called "wash code" Hall, a month to be completed some mud codes. the amount of transfer rate according to the commission, does not bear the risk of winning or losing.

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