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Macau casino gambling personal experience

Had a habit of playing with both hands, I found an opportunity in some time ago specifically to Macau casinos.This time, but purely to gamble, but this is not much, just play two had fun.Perhaps it is for this reason that it is the best I can earn a lot of money.Because originally been intended enjoyable, but also do not mind winning or losing, so the mentality to play better.Of course, just a good attitude, winning is impossible Among Macao.In hindsight, I think there is a place I was doing well, and that is to strictly control their bookie, never move in addition to the budget as a bookie other than money.I hope my story can go to Macau to gamble in Macau gambling people to help bring some of it.

Good attitude, luck, naturally, will not go bad.Good luck because I won twice are 1 lose 10 or more.And I think good luck because there is an appropriate money management strategy.In the beginning, I would only buy a size, 1 lost 1.And stakes least 200 Hong Kong dollars, because the first few times I was together with his brother to buy, both times in the beginning, but I did not count it twice in my bet is the number of successes in.Because this is the first time I gamble, I will not play.Later, I observed a long time, only to find you can at 50 Hong Kong dollars.So I bet just under 50 Hong Kong dollars.This is the basis of money management, obviously every time I bet only 5% of the funds, I just choose to bet on numbers, because almost all gambling figure greater than 3, which gave me a 3: 1 ratio of profit and loss.Because I bet on the success of two of which brought me to double the score.One thing that I am very fortunate, is my good luck, did not encounter successive failures, and I bet the frequency is very low.I never have chosen on popular gaming tables.

It now appears that 1000 is still difficult to make money management because 50 of the next injection can bet the probability is too low. Later, oh look at those back home, only to find themselves a lot to do right. To increase the probability of success and not only once the next note, to a line bet, the probability of such a win will be bigger. with 10 000 can be a simple money management, each at 100-200, which is 2-4 Note , accounting for the funds is about 1% to 2%. This can play longer than 1000, it is easier to achieve a positive return. And every success and failure is secondary, it is important that you be able to stable earnings These are only a guess, because I have not tried to contact to get 10000 money management.

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There is a better realization than dice opening rate control and financial management of the project, looks like a brand, but I will not play. Casino is a bad place, that there is no place to rest, to know that gambling is a very tired thing, if the spirit of good, is unable to make a correct determination, so casinos are open 24 hours, and encourage non-stop gamblers bet from the perspective of probability, the casino is a must win, and as the number of gambling The more gamblers lose more so to win, you must rest, you must be controlled bet desires.

Although the highest winning percentage of gamblers will not exceed 50%, but with proper money management strategy, even if the casino can not win, but winning. More details I can not go perfect, because I'm not professional gamblers, I do not gambler. Gambling for me, is a place to exercise capital management, patience and mentality. So I very much hope to go once in Macao, but a short time I was unable to go.

Forex actually do the same, but better control of foreign exchange, because the position is his control, the timing of orders and also his control in a high probability of local orders, wet storage, with a stop, and the rest is waiting time necessary to achieve a positive return.

For most people, can do it really rarely, because Leverage higher gambling profits even more impressive. So most people stay away from the casino.

Gambling in Macau is best not greedy gambling, but can not Gambler, Gambler bet once greedy when it inevitably irrational. Win to win more money, lost money Bo wanted this, this is greedy bet Gambler's human nature, but also the root causes of these people end up losing money.

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