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Casino Gamblers famous - limited unlimited lose win

Once all-powerful God of Gamblers in Macau casinos Yip Hon said a word:Limited transmission, unlimited Win Although just a simple eight words, but contains infinite wisdom casino, a way to explain his knack casino victorious.

Many people like to win back lost chasing, not because of what a theoretical basis, but human psychology dictates, winning is not willing to continue to invest in the future, timid, not willing to lose money, and therefore increase investment, the result is often lose lose everything naturalization. Such players can not even beat themselves, let alone beat the casinos.

Beginning to participate in gaming, we can pursue the "do not put all your eggs in one basket," in principle, the fund is divided into many small parts bets, so the risk of spread out, will not win the big win, it will not lose the big loser are within the range we can afford.But we can not go a long way to make money, the so-called "flat note will lose" because, according to casino rules, we go on winning long-term bet is less than 50%.So we must seize the opportunity to hand wind along, the next few big bet, win, in order to win money.After winning the money, immediately lock the profit, took only a small portion of the money bet out again, repeat the process, you'll be able to get interest in the casino.

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But another question remains: Although you might win big in the hand when the wind along, but may also lose, this time is that we say "limited lose" lose it does not matter, because we know we can win back in ten thousand can not lose when impulse, but should set himself limits, once lost to this limit, no fighting, and immediately leave. This requires a very high control, did not so easy to imagine, as long as this point, you are already regarded as a master.

This wager, because transport is limited, and win is unlimited, as long as you master certain skills, a good grasp of filling time (actually, a lot of old players will have some keen sense), but always pay attention to restrain myself , adhere to this wager to bet, I believe you can beat the casino to win big money in betting.

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