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Casino should have known back into art

Yesterday theme "subtraction mechanism", the more excited to write more and more delusional monthly income of thousands, would no longer Zi, the text at the end of Anfenshouji programs, should be more suitable for the use of Attu, each stage win 100 foot shop only raise, compared to $ 10,000 will be won only raise much more robust, such as 500 yuan a note, winning $ 10,000 for as long as 20 shops, 100 shop has to win $ 50,000, compared with what the car together.

The first part is saying "raise mechanism", unknown win, lose prophet, is the line soldiers of the road, Mr. Kim also set up its own "Save note mechanism", a method similar to the filling station mechanism, Datong place, still for every $ 100 reduction, minor differences of place, is not only down to the starting point reduction injection, but dropped to minus NOTE half began.

Why design so? Mr. King believes that gambling is scary, always slow and lose to win quickly, Yu Ye Ning Chu, less wind wave, really annoying, for this feature, Mr. King rather conservative in adversity, previous efforts to avoid waste anyway every day Dewan also not seize the day.

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But one example, when Mr. King to 100 yuan win 100 foot shop, he has accumulated $ 10,000 profit, raised to 200 yuan starting a shop, but nothing lasts forever, then war down, tilting moment between Mr. King, It lost to the 25 note, a total of 5,000 yuan, then the general idea is to continue to work hard flat note, hoping to win back pocket 5,000 yuan once the harvest.

But Kim did not diagram move, his profit fell 50 percent immediately after the start the "Save note mechanism", reduced to 100 yuan from the 200 yuan, so it goes, his reserve will be increased from 25 to 50 Note Note that although base 5000 yuan unchanged, but he is much more playable, prodding casino chance of being relatively slim.

Similarly, when earnings rose to 10,000 yuan, "filling mechanism" start again, Erfu this until the next stage so far. Then cited another example, when profit has accumulated 30,000 yuan, 300 yuan note is flat a shop approach and how? basically lose to 50 shops, ie $ 15,000 would be "downgraded" in the not yet too late, reply 200 yuan a note, seeking a comeback.

Simply put, when the filling is every one Shinichi, each winning $ 10,000 or 100 when the note, add one unit, when not into refundable remains unchanged. Every half-back was a minus note when each output to 5000 When the yuan or 50 Note, minus Note 1 units, plus slow subtraction so fast, to ensure prudent way, also in line with output shrinking win Valley truth.

Nothing wrong with the original flat note play, can also be added subtraction note mode, read the forward, back two articles, or you will suddenly realize, so why not something like "cable stairs?" The fact is surely true, but Mr. King supplement says stairs stairs, or too fast convenient ride the escalator, for oneself.

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