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Be careful to Macau casino dealer beauty!

Be careful to Macau to play Macau casino Of Beauty dealers! Why, Macau casino dealers will be out of thousands of beauty? Definitely not, as a regular casino, Macau casino if a thousand questions do not consider, because once they are found out of thousands, then this casino is equivalent to a death sentence, and So formal legal casinos are not going to do this kind of thing more harm than good. I let everyone be careful, do not be dressed very sexy beauty attracted dealers. If the impact of these external factors, so naturally there is no output Won.

Macau casino dealer casino is the most beautiful beautiful landscape, casino games for real money in real rules, I believe that no one knows more than beautiful Macau casino dealers of beauty.

A very professional titles: "dealer" they consistently serious, unsmiling standing in front of gamblers, their licensing, for which money changers chips as gamblers services.

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In casinos do "dealers" of income is quite attractive, and even some high-end restaurant service staff is pleased Yuan Wang.

Generally, there are two play table games dealers, there are four, each table games have a Jianchang, the dealers themselves are also present in the total number of Macau done "dealer" estimated to have more than 10,000 people.

If you deduct more than and less than Macao residents of working age, young and old class to differentiate between the actual length of service layer calculation, almost every individual over 40, there is a person in the casino when the dealer's.

In casinos, the dealer is the most front-line staff, and the most striking positions. They sit directly "village", and gamblers face to face, for the casino owners to profit. Therefore, before each dealer posts, one must hold Macao police have a criminal record and a bad show no record of "good card." The second is to go through rigorous training.

Dealer action more skilled, better grasp the rhythm, the casino will increase in profitability; if the dealer's action dragging its feet, not the gambler not only vigorously throughout the casino will appear lazy, that there is no due vigor. All the casinos are open 24 hours a day, so the dealer to take a day to go to work three shifts system, working eight hours a day, three days SJM take is a cycle, a period of three days to work to change the system.

In the Lisboa Casino VIP hall, a considerable part of the dealer have two decades of work experience, but they have never been involved.

Because he handled numerous gambling table chips, so a dealer can be "career banker", but not "professional gamblers"; the dealer can not play bet though, can have quite a study.

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