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Teach you how to become a big winner Casino

Friends are frequented casino win lose less much? Against these phenomena, in which you ever thought why? I frequented from the big winner in the casino some research, I think I found one of the reason So write out specifically with everyone explore.

If you are a casino stranger, only occasionally or real online casino play casino betting, and therefore would have once won a lot of money, the dealer will not mind. Or you are casino visitors, often to the casino gambling money. Results have to win or lose, the casino will be the same when you are the guest of honor. However, if you are a so-called investors, often appear in the casino, and often win a lot of money, certainly it would be the casino's attention, even Your monitor, which is helpless thing.

When the above case, the smart approach is not frequented the same casino, do not stay too long, but also not much of a number of times and win, anyway, the casino open 24 hours a day. Casinos often use some order The method of gamblers aversion to rush off.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

For example, a card "road" good tables, many people caught the road, will suspend betting or replacement "dealer" when put to the new "dealer" is often off the table again took a very long time to count the chips, so that some people impatient to leave.

There are also some "dealers" will suddenly accelerate the speed of the cards, and the cut-off time bet as soon as possible, slow down the chips bet will be rejected. In the event of such a situation, like you need to stay calm and not let other disturb your mind, keep in mind that among casino, stay calm, concentrate, is one of the most important winning strategy.

There are many tricks dispersion casino gamblers' attention, the insertion of the presence of beautiful performances free to send beer, drinks, etc., will cause you can not concentrate. In addition, there are some "dealers" for the win "tips" will provide an indication of the gamblers bet. As the "dealer" in casino Shen kinky long time, they go to gamble usually have some experience, an experience which I call the master "cycle", I was a little After the senior will be further explained in detail. Therefore, there are some gamblers willing to listen to their tips betting.

So, should we listen to some comments that bet? My opinion is that if you are entertainment-oriented, then you may wish to listen to their views, but if you are a "casino investor", you will not It should be subject to interference of others, but should adhere to the principles laid down in its own early in the morning, according to their own guidelines go gambling.

Winners at the roulette betting time, are with a professional investor to ask themselves which must have perseverance, do not care about short-term considerations, to look farther put, concerns related to long-term rule of counting, according to the established Betting Rules, of course, there will be circumstances hand the wind is not pleasing to the ear occurs losing money, but in the long run, the last winning is winning, not free because of the opinions of others and shaken, because people shaken, but lost to the last direction, policy opportunity in advance it would be a piece of paper talk up.

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