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Lisboa Casino Feng Shui

Li Ka-shing in Hong Kong for the whole work; and Stanley Ho sneezes, all Macao people have colds status can be seen from Stanley Ho Stanley Ho in Macau Macau first richest man, whose wealth primarily from casino revenues, Ho casino. Why do you make money? Lisboa Casino pattern of feng shui worthy studies.

Liger door

Lisboa Casino Liger door

It is reported that Macau Casino Lisboa feng shui design, hidden a lot of feng shui mystery. One of the most evil spirits is the main entrance, where a door built in the lion's mouth looks like, another door like the jaws of death, and is a taxi stand in front of like two , whereby gamblers enter a casino, as if falling into a lion, tiger mouth, gamblers are likely to be lions and tigers' food and lodging. "

Large vampire bat

Casino Lisboa above the door has a pair of big bats, vivid, as if would swoop down like suck human blood, for gamblers psychological threat. And on the top floor of the Grand Lisboa, there are a lot of small ball and large ball, have below a white circle around the edges, like a white plate, therefore, from afar, like a "large pearls falling into a jade plate", the dealer is always the big winner.

Bird cage, trapped sickle slaughter

Lisboa next side was like a bird cage in the casino, gamblers each admission, have become like a caged bird. And around the top there are a lot of similar sickle-shaped weapon, stabbing all directions, gamblers become more just like fancy caged birds slaughtered.

Annual decoration (village received) in order to euphony

Lisboa 365 daily during the internal decoration, the purpose is to take its homonym "Zhuang income" means. As Duting design is a big circle, when gamblers place in them, easily disoriented, with ceilings carved pirate ship and wave pattern, let gamblers easily seasick.

Lisboa "Phoenix Nest Bureau Shou"

Lisboa's shape is "Phoenix Nest Bureau Shou", the hotel is designed to feathery appearance object petal petal, is the phoenix pointed tail: Marquise was a fire, fire grams of gold, you can g live across the Wynn casino. Lisboa table games at the top of the bracket just like a spider shape, as is to be trapped by their clients, in order to their clients tied hand and foot, not so easy to walk; followed by the most dazzling is the hall in the middle of a giant color eggs, this layout implication casino the future will give rise to more guests.

Lisboa latest array of feng shui

Faced with a number of new casinos to join the competition, Lisboa recently put a new front to fight feng shui, toward "Wynn" direction facades covered with round mirror resort, hope to partially sucked back Wynn pulled out of gas money, but Macao geomancy scientists believe: Lisboa feng shui array has already been cracked, this little trick simply nothing to be gained, the construction of the "Lisboa" Although built for "SJM" keep a little gas money, but SJM Macau gambling industry leading position It is still threatened.

In front of a fatal blow to dig tunnels, geomancy scholars refer to gamble half a century since the SJM has extra cash, it was because under the "Lisboa" feng shui array of gift. Lisboa Casino and Hotel feng shui pattern bat array of cages like design, feng shui wealth is sucked big fuss. Macau geomancy experts said the main screen shape design of Wynn Resorts, Casino Lisboa has learned over the years of the Dragon wealth away, and shaped like a torch of large electronic display screen, has also burned Lisboa "bird cage bureau."

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