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A Macau gamblers strategy: to reach the goal, you can not bet

A casino in Macau acquaintances, now more successful, said here about his betting strategy.

Walking is also the first to recognize in Macau.Later has been online contact, then the author is to ask people cosmetologists, gentleman and I talked for more than one month.Mutual exchange, the method how to speak, at least I think he still has some ability to control.Give him an account of 3000 to try, I did not expect half an hour gone.The next day I still believe in him, to lose money does not matter, in accordance with their established program deficit, I bear the loss without any rhetoric.After a few days, I have to see him record.We have always insisted on a way to fight back all three days of the loss of earnings also 9500.In fact, under the bet is not large, by the slow accumulation.At this point I think he still has some ability to execute, as gamblers do it very easy.He has been said to raise the money to go to Macau, he said the day before yesterday met online, said the situation, and today they made a summary of what he said here the implementation of the program.Today is the ninth day to day so:

1, the principal 100 000, established a daily target 10,000. Both together, mutual supervision.

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2, five or six a day in wherever he goes wandering, not fixed in one place, playing about to walk out, not continuous fighting.

3, every day from 8:00 am to 17:00 at night absolutely do not bet.

I asked the next he is not prepared for the long case, a time limit, or to limit the amount he says it is prepared for the long haul, do professional gamblers. Goal 1 million. Preliminary capital accumulation process is, the greater the principal The corresponding increase revenue targets every day.

So few, that it is very simple. As a gambler can really do in that kind of environment, is more difficult. Reach the target, you can not bet. Then if you can stop playing ring true, I do not believe nine days He did not ring true situation encountered, but always also to the goals. This description of emotional control on their own or do good. If the long-term in the past, can not afford to maintain a psychological change .1 Do I believe that is able to do . Why do you say, you said the following two stories do not know someone heard none.

Macau One old man, out of the daily morning Lisboa, a bite or two every day to win away, do not look back occasionally lost ten years now, as always, there are many properties in Macau, Zhuhai, affluence comparable non-ordinary people;.. The other is said the couple to make a living in Macau, wash code stack code, never gambling, after three years, from scratch, assets of several million a day due only to accompany clients to socialize, pro gaming tables, a night lost more than 600 million and assets of immersion, put the number of people still owe more than 200 million and thus disappear from Macau.

Gamblers mention long past, and even established plan the day may not be able to perform, but need to do is simple. All gamblers seeking method, the method is in the above, how can we do that?

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