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Baccarat three three-way cable walk Casino

Today and the players share a Baccarat Betting scheme.

(A) three ways:

(1) Zhuang busy road: see two village, with cable hit village until two idle; see two busy, busy playing with a rope until two village.

(2) even jump the road: see two companies, even with the cable hit until two jump; see two jumps, with playing jump rope until the two companies.

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(3) every other way: see two compartments together with the cable play with until a different two compartments; see a different two compartments, separated by cable to a different beat, until the two compartments together.

(B) conversion mechanism:

Hand-for-4 road losing streak, according to the order of 1-2-3-2-1 in a three-way switch.

(C) Note yards Act

Note code: 3 4 5,678,910,111,213,141,516 17 18 19 20 22 24


(A) three basic cable and Usage

(1) 20 layer 1-2 stratification chase stairs negative cable

Two into a losing streak, Forecast or every win three back level.

(2) 20 layer into the doubles wins cable

3,344,556,677,889,910 10 1,111,121,213,131,414 1,515,161,617,171,818 1,919,202,022,222,424

Each levels, input level back 3 doubles success

(3) The percentage of wins by 2-2-3-4-5 into Mario cable

Forecast doubles, 2-4-2-4-3-6-4-8-5-10 lose any step is restarted.

(B) three cable switching mechanism

Which decided to use a cable distribution based on the actual outcome of the road.

How to lift the cable size is determined based on winning percentage.


For the 20-story staircase stratification chase 1-2 negative cable, you can have four options:

(A) the natural up and down, from 5 start war, the end of a round back three.

(B) Forecast win 9 or every hand reach profitability goals.

(C) Forecast or every win 6 hands reach profitability goals.

(D) Forecast or every win 3 hands reach profit targets.

Three-way three cable turns to play, there is little profit to go home.

Simple is best, remember.

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