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Baccarat The surface is a "village, off" game Game, But the essence of the game, but there will be circumstances "off, off" game, because betting "village", "leisure" both their own master, not your death is my death, everyone claims to be and nominally Casino Game, if the stakes, both sides substance in the gambling, the casino also happy to see this phenomenon, pumping eventually become the big winner.

Because the stakes in the casino, most likely caused by attempting, and that is those special "bet the opposite of others" who, when everyone's bet in the "village square" who, who happens to buy a "free party", it really discerning, or standard Qili different, everyone is drunk I alone am sober.

If the person "treacherous" succeed, open a "free party" exclusive payouts, then the remainder corpses everywhere, some people will running out of patience, anger its abuse, bad faith that the other side, the rules of the road "buy explosion . "If the person miscues, the situation is even worse, everyone will be ridiculed to no place to hide, some people will be more" reactionary "called.

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We also remember the "top king" it? Is that special with everyone on gambling, to win people to buy a car to buy property, his red book earners, more nearly one million yuan deposit, the visible and the people against the enemy, though too not the people, but to obtain real money.

"Top King" is disowned, blatantly enemies with the players, he is not a hypocrite, but a real boy, after all betting is completed, he was at the last moment, no one bet on bets or less of one person bets His policy is not to look brand road, people look at the road, so he's happy to win money, it is built on the suffering of others losing.

"Top King" to everyone success advice is, do not swing, you want to stick to their convictions, the last winner will belong to them. Cause "Top King" Xinxinbaopeng is based on greed win afraid of losing the majority of players, but not enough to dare lose gall win, so his doing exactly the opposite, only few big win and lose big.

"Top King" also provides an analysis of the two different types of "villain", one based on others as "light", spread betting shop opposite the others, until someone bets himself only "relatively" bets, such acts Once found, it is easy to cause the lamp to make the party dissatisfied with glare, export blame, among the more place to vent, who angrily hands.

The second is the most innocent, the way they think licensing trusted, so like betting on irregular road, they hesitate, first hand from the chips fall, not to other people as lights, only betting its own way, but the law does Betting just the contrary to all men, so a burst card road, when they get what they wanted, the masses will be indiscriminate white, the "chaotic way" to the charges imposed on them.

As for the two types of villain, what was feasible, Attu to the neighborhoods in the "Top King", "Top King" light care chin, confidently replied: "of course, is the former, the enemy of the people, the case of Blackie adding insult to injury, he was able to stand by a few rare ear. way to brand an enemy, God irresistible, ready to encounter a pretty road and destroyed.

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