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Chess master waning style play baccarat

Waning style play is easy to learn, is basically a two-type cable, win two buy one, lose the flat note to buy two to four injection as a unit, if they lost four in a row away from the shop are not gambling, because of bad luck . In two hundred yuan a shop counter, Sheng Hui eight hundred Dayuan.

Q: Why buy a win two, shrinking note without win?

A: The first shop won two hundred yuan, the second shop bet one hundred yuan, even if the second shop loses, there is still one hundred yuan of profits, if the second to win the same shop profits accumulated to three hundred dollars, should satisfied.

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Q: What is the theory and logic?

A: The winning Baccarat, excluding pumping is 50-50, with an average of a shop a shop win lose my "waning style" theory, a shop a shop win lose still a profit, if the bet I treasure the words of the cable, a shop win lose even a shop also lose principal.

Q: Can you explain more clearly?

A: The "waning style" of play may occur three results, two shop are lost, then lost two hundred yuan a four hundred yuan note Xianyinghoushu win two hundred lose one hundred have one hundred yuan profit, two shop . all win there three hundred yuan profit.

Q: There is no comparison with other gambling law?

A: In terms of level Note game, two shop are off as lost four hundred yuan, a shop win a fight and lose no profit shop, two shop profits are win only four hundred yuan, note that you must only two paved victory a profit. If I know two lay certain victory, then I might as well use I treasure cable bets, two hundred yuan to win six hundred yuan, but no one will know what the next card shop to open. There is also a formula is lost ?? a buy two, but I do not encourage too much risk.

Q: If the first shop off the second shop to win and how to lose?

A: No problem, my first one two type cable off will end, and the second two hundred yuan shop again to re-start, the second shop win, I will be one hundred yuan to buy a third shop, if a third shop win, the whole point I have one hundred yuan of profits, if the third shop lost, I lost only one hundred yuan whole, the cost is half note, please note that if a third shop lose, I lose two buy three shop shop, only to lose one hundred yuan is a slight loss.

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