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Baccarat road and potential understanding: What is the pin, what is the hole, buildings, shoot

Here is the younger brother to two with beads and three bead outlook bet way, in order to understand and convenient explanation, and it is called "ED twenty-three Act". "ED twenty-three Law" value when Shao Jie it? Brother feel value When the A This is an example of the pros and cons of three beads idea ED particular application, two investment style involves the principle behind the idea of ​​gambling, for reference. This method effect how? can tell you, brother in this month had to Macao six times, all are provided for law research. In round terms, the final result is 4 losses, 4 tie children, about 30 wins from the performance of view, this method which can be one with it!

You trust the potential licensed it? To Outlook article, we must first trust the Board has the potential presence of licensing, which is located very close all the front and if you feel every bite Baccarat brand within the Board, are independent, in front of an out of the final result, there is anything to do, so I do not trust the "situation." article and you did not edge.

I define the term "brand potential" refers to whatever the village and leisure Board composed of, at most a few things the situation, have the objective existence of certain "laws." This "law", sometimes very short, sometimes through the whole situation: the mind - are thinking of doing the walk through the "definition" and "find" So, whether the real objective existence does not shut tight, can be picky shut tight, is based on this.! law to find out, "track", "development direction", then follow this direction and technological development profit.

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Brand engagement potential of the Raiders Chu Road DVS: "ED23 Law", by definition, with two Chu Road, three bead way for the Raiders master hand-eye-cast.Regardless of whether what two Chu Road, three bead appropriate way up, it can be called twenty-three law?Definitely.Chu Road Raiders just really focus on hand-eye, investment style, is gambling licenses "potential," said the younger brother, Chu Road Raiders pick two paths:! The first one is the use of "arrangement", to make "law", to make and then use the knowledge or natural law, "track", to take advantage of attack.Called "track", it is "a regular short-term phenomenon.".However, to know that there are regular short-term phenomenon, namely permutations Zhuang busy, especially due to the nature of mixed Chu Road should have a short-term phenomenon and changes in the relationship between Zhuang busy with their chance of regularity, and the Board of derived is not necessarily exactly the same! Article, licensing potential, changes in the relationship that is free of Zhuang, Chu Road can be arranged by means of more clearly reflected.In other words, changes in the relationship between Chu Road Zhuang Zhuang busy busy = change in the relationship between the Board of.Twenty-three law deemed appropriate use of Chu Road investment style, it is attributable to the latter's investment style.) In other words, no matter what the direction of the change is to hand the Raiders focused Chu Road betting standard style, you can engage in this two or three law.P If you come up with a change to reflect the Board's four-way investment style beads, beads road joining two or three, you may also be called "XX234 Law".Use of the wonderful, Bottom of the full turn.Principle through, then Lawspirit, for a reversible three.

Gambling potential, "ED23 law" gambling is not the way of style beads, but Zhuang leisure Chu Road arrangement reflected the brand potential! So, can understand the Board's licensing potential, it is critical.In other words, "ED23 Law" to be referred to, are three ways: First Avenue brand potential closer look.Second, the two Chu Road refracted brand potential closer look.Third, the three cards Chu Road refracted potential closer look.A closer look at the wisdom?In short there are two: First, Zhuang idle "change the number" are reflecting the short-term law.Second, the village busy "change the relationship" as reflecting the short-term law.Once you master the above mentioned two changes in the direction of development, it changes the direction of development are provided for profit research go! This is the "ED23 Law" cast type argument.Really, this is idealistic, not scientific proof.So again highlighted again, if you do not agree, not indispensable read on!

First talk about Baccarat Lane said, "Boulevard" understanding way! Finally bet baccarat basics! Although the know, more than 60 hundred percent of baccarat gamblers are so bet.But the real complete study before, or someone taught, there are several do?This is more than 6 percent of gamblers, mostly with "intuition" to find the law.Hearsay said, according to a friend of Lin half claw or deliberation, to progress myself, "look at the road system," so are all have "partial", all have "shelter" to the dead are dead I do not know what! If You have confidence Avenue, but even the road is how you "see" never learned, rely on "intuition" to gamble on baccarat, you really reflect on the good once the.

Avenue closer look way: worthies are taught, brief retelling once, and share all of a sudden you hit it.Avenue closer look way are the following: changes in the number of start Zhuang busy lift.Zhuang leisure strength: whatever one hand boots, and finally the final result is close to the village leisure.But according to the count, Zhuang busy busy busy hand over hand is what's going on, and this is the card dictates Cases.Therefore, the case of unfair balanced proportion busy village Board shall: 1 Wang doors for the main purpose.2 very long time waiting to catch up to the weak side will lead to a final close to the situation, when the mind changes so weak side, any time series revealed phenomenon.The number of short-term changes in the law: The number refers to the village busy each column can be revealed closer look at a kind of "law" or "track".

This is a game of bad cards, but changes in the number of leisure village are visible flash "laws" or "track" as follows:

1. Zhuang busy most however 6.

2. "pin": no idle Qi foot

3. "pin": Zhuang busy even when missing foot

Besides changes in the relationship between Zhuang busy busy we are talking about the relationship between the village, the traditional argument, called "crazy (homophone)" and "jump", in fact, can also be called positive and negative;. Even, jump to easy understanding, we Even a case called, jump final result Zhuang leisure jump, and sometimes you can carefully review a little short-law out! bad way described above figure, we can still find the change Zhuang busy flash relations "laws" or " locus "as follows:

1. "hole" changes: however two, no more than two-hole position revealed.

2. Changes "buildings" in: When idle no single "buildings" that revealed an idle column above, Sure sign of a more village link together.

3 "beat" the change: When Zhuang busy link, up to 3 "shoot."

Additional Changes in the relationship between Zhuang busy through the arrangement, there are special circumstances revealed is very neat and smart style, we call "傻仔 road", such as a busy two village, two village four leisure .....And so on, there are a dozen common.Additional course indispensable queue, called "tandem".Dengxianzhibei in the mouth, the avenue of "good" and "bad" how unless it?In short, the following two criteria: First, whether it contains the Sha Zi Road, queue (series), the more the better.The second is the number of changes in leisure village ("feet") and changes in the relationship ("holes", "buildings", "beat") whether there is perseverance long rule can refer.Both road can be so carefully, quasi it?You must say, mortal bet Avenue, that this law must carefully review useless! If it so?

Gambling philosophy Avenue: no matter what way, should have a theoretical, philosophical support, only depth but also worthies taught, succinct cover once said, and hit it to share with you:

First, do not gamble "top" and the road, not the reverse. That is, to "on the potential and Bo." Avenue open Changlong village, you will want to buy heroism busy .OK, you win. But in the old worthies eyes, you "win the moment, I lost," almost sad! Sometimes, you will find when you're losing money, the more the more lose the top!

Second, do not top the way of principle, immediately, is "rather tight Moson!" Many worthies say, many people say gambling experience, to Wensheng, turning children do not buy cards.Even if the road is the village only 6, but you can not guarantee you the potential change?Moreover, regardless of what the law is self-deception to win, and so persistent, that why the matter?But not attached to it, ranging hero! But many young hero, manipulation Porsche racing, singing a "sea horizon wide turn my children," open village to buy idle, Avenue 6 village to buy the first seven village, a " Up to lose one, no coherent, loser! "Good one" no coherent, loser! "majestic British hair, awesomeness numerous beautiful woman housewife ... OK, you win.But in the eyes of the old worthies, you "win the moment, I lost," you really can afford to lose?Casino does not regret leaving the already wonderful! Sad peace! Sometimes, you will find when you're losing money, Hardships never be too bully, the hero becomes the right direction, ridiculous !! sad!

Third, the world No feast of delay seats, so leave the world without licensing potential, every potential licensing bureau must have a "potential change" The full potential of change have played, commitment, transfer, together, so only "seasons Potential . "The theory of cards very bad, finished on spring autumn, intended to kill surprisingly so, to teach fall worthies: situation has changed, we must recognize the potential cards will" change might have some good intentions need to stay, "peace of mind." hand, the top corners of the country a good way to meet! "underworld of ancient forms of" trade language ", the best combination of betting on baccarat! So, in a word, a change is best to get away. Thirty-Six, go to the meter.

Fourth, the brand potential of understanding: the point about the potential, the younger brother no longer say, licensing potential explanation to understand this at first, with only three points out of a potential avenue brand closer look, focusing on the way in which two cards are beads!.? Potential closer look, focusing on what? Three is what potential change?

Avenue brand carefully review potential focus: said closer look, in fact, when asked wisdom to ask ourselves the spot by the upper section is explained understand that this place is brief Rob?:

1. Number of change

1.1 Zhuang busy whether imbalance? Are revealed superficial strength side?

Are changes in a regular 1.2 pin trajectory exist?

2. Changes relations

Whether a combination of a regular 2.1 shot trajectories exist?

2.2 hole bit is a regular trajectory exist?

Whether a combination of a regular 2.3 trajectory exist?

These two are to see the advantages of local presence Avenue, evolved into when Chu Road, is not appear in. Some people would look bead disc of the road. Say real, sometimes "long red front" or "front length Blue "is really very frightening! Peculiar chance encounter these two phenomena, you really want to take a hike! This is the spot for the modification of the lesson!

Chu Road police licensing potential focus: Road to see the links have been numerous, Chu Road to see, a natural complement inadequate Avenue said before, the licensing potential, namely changes in the relationship between Zhuang busy, the road can be arranged by means of beads, and more. So clearly reflected focus Chu Road closer look, the natural relationship between the change in leisure village, the so-called "even jump" change that is based on the experience gained many battles above.:

Brand potential to jump-based, then certainly have to jump Chu Road (trans) based! Brand potential in even the main, it will certainly Chu Road to even (positive) mainly! Once you master the way to such a refracted by the beads out brand potential (village leisure Relations) changes, changes in laws engaging Avenue, find the entry point, you can take advantage of research.

What changed: in short, is revealed before a regular trajectory (whether or beads Avenue Road), suddenly ineffective, is change the way the beginning, called the potential change give some explanation to understand simple example: One worthies the younger one had taught formulas, actually used to dispose of the potential change formulas sentence is this: Johnson crazy crazy busy, crazy busy village does not crazy crazy = Cantonese homophones, the original word for the dialect, but not write. that even mean.

Evolution says formulas sentence rule is the potential change.Even the village simply did not even busy, once revealed nonunion village, not even busy, which is a potential change.Potential short-term by the law even evolved into not even when the law or even when not connected to the chaos.Please note that the potential ordinary discernable change, such as the main avenue of the two legs together, suddenly revealed the village there are three, change the "Number" on change "pin" on very very The beginning of a long time are varying potential! can hunt! brother repeatedly encountered something roughly similar situation at hand (opposite also can be, Johnson does not crazy crazy busy, crazy busy village crazy), which is 95 more than 100 percent formulas fulfillment.ED deceive you sometimes, not lie to you I.If you do not believe, to check all of a sudden the existing Board, whether most so?If you won the essence of gambling Avenue spot strain becomes clear grasp fine, rather tight Moson keep tight principle, the Board meets these months, there are special circumstances to lose the opportunity to win, but we must not lose! To clear , met potential change is very frightening! everyone is drunk and I alone am sober.Ordinary gambler, subject to the existing laws, there is no clear grasp of the potential of a symptom of change, so lose the most tragic is the case of the potential change, turn, however, the most defeated again, and lose all big bet We call this a "serial killing!" by many gamblers win becomes lose, even a defeat can not afford! mainland lifelong honorary member glorious precious rare books say "fowler theory" refers to the net fowler this! So, gambling baccarat mind to change the trend of the time, to maintain a calm mind, knowing that spot for the modification! This is an exercise to practice hard! No agile form! So, who bet on Baccarat is not difficult?ED has been sinking sea impress bet, if you are entering the gambling door, still hurry gambling as clever trick!

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