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Baccarat multidimensional smile Heart

For people who started his baccarat, usually played Chuang Chuang see, see busy busy playing. In fact, in one sentence, even playing even see. So why not speak even hit even see it? I thought for a moment suddenly the smiling, and suddenly. This led to a multidimensional story Heart smile, and a reign of terror led to controversy.

In this multi-dimensional world, what are the multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional method except the lack of betting.

For the "See Chuang Chuang fight, see busy busy playing" a smiling senior Why not talk even hit even see it?

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Only vote for village or busy people who want to win baccarat, there is no magic cable law is really not acceptable.

See even playing even see jumping playing jump is a one-dimensional smile Heart.

Chuang is only playing the Heart o Victoria smile. So see busy busy playing is playing o-dimensional anti Heart smile. That is, we often hear the left and right slap slap.

We see a smile Heart, I call one-dimensional smiling Heart, is playing even positive, playing hop is reversed. That is positive and negative play. So, smile predecessors Heart speaks two levels bets ʱ??

This is a multidimensional smile Heart foundation.

So what is a multidimensional smile Heart? With this foundation, we will have to understand the heart, I do not talk about it more.

Smiling Heart revisit formulas: see the village with the village, see busy with busy, see jump with jumps, loss of three suspended five-win six losses, ending 5555.

Here, there is no mention even see even now.

Okay. Here to talk about the multidimensional smile Heart.

(1) The arrangement with three road Chu Road.

(2) By the order of the cards will each shop numbers from 1 to 27. The actual operation is not necessary number.

(3) The 1,2,3,4,5, ......, 23,23,25 regarded as one-dimensional.

(5) the three-Chu Road rampage 1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25 regarded as two-dimensional.

(6) 7,16,25 seen as three-dimensional.

(7) 1,13,25 regarded as a four-dimensional. As more dimensions, such as 5-dimensional, six-dimensional, 7 dimensions, etc., on any play it.

(8) from the first 25 hands began betting, first with a smile Heart bet in one dimension.

(9) after encountering straight sets N hand, betting on a two-dimensional, more than so forth.

(10) with a rolling manner, for each new shop, such as 26,27,28,29 and so on, there is a corresponding multi-dimensional space, and then click on the corresponding hyperspace Heart bet with a smile.

Its principle is smiling betting Heart of the promotion, any betting method is 50-50, random random.

The physical model is placed on the first layer 1-9, 10-18 in the second layer, 19-27 on the third floor. This constitutes a 3x3x3 cube in. No matter how many dimensions you, all in this Rubik's Cube in.

This method is also known as: sea and air over the sea This is a modern play.

The "multi-dimensional Smile Heart" is a reference to the original I Heart improved by smiling, improved methods are not significantly more gifted than the original law, but how long the effect remains to be verified computer, without a lot of Prior to the test data, you can use this method only light note flutter, please temporarily not to re-injection attack.

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