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Baccarat gambling heart water and cable faction faction

If we say one hundred fans there are two factions, some people will immediately answer, it must be owned, "village" faction and hold "free" faction, because being in the casino, there are a lot of people are "suzerain" or "idle king" They only rely solely on gambling "village" or gamble "busy." They do exist, one that the buy "village" in the number of mathematics, the other side is that the buy "idle" in the not pumping, can save a lot of costs , but both share small number after all, most people are busy buying village, follow Wang doors.

Another answer is to hold "Heat Team" faction and hold "Jump" faction, some "music" fans like the emergence of a long road that see the "village" buy "village", see the "idle" buy "idle", without headache. Other "music" fans think, "Zhuang, leisure 'chance of approaching fiftieth, fifty, appears the most authentic single-hop, they will open" village "buy" idle ", and the former style is just the opposite.

Attu would say, above all it is not, the correct answer is "the heart of water" faction and the "gamble cable" faction, which went "heart of the water" faction as much.

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First, explain what the two definitions, "heart of the water" means arbitrary, inspiration comes, what they want to buy what bet, you can buy "village" can buy "idle", you can buy "Heat Team" can also buy a "jump" completely pleases without any specification.

"Heart of the water" faction is not an object and stakes betting limits, claim whatever they may even bet "pair, and." "Gamble cable" faction is different, and they will be cable of this, stakes, format and limit betting objects all have restrictions, a mechanical betting method.

"Heart of water" faction and "gamble cable" faction is not in conflict, but basically the source of "heart of the water" faction inspiration will come from road signs on the road and three under and Bead road, or looking in the crowd "light", in order to make decisions bets. "gamble cable" faction is not required ignore these, just follow your "cat paper 'betting.

No one has ever done statistics, Attu is also impossible to believe statistics, exactly "heart of the water" faction better overall results, or "bet cable" faction of the more outstanding achievements, perhaps their own views, but I saw other people win, ignore others lose, but it is most people's continuity. As the article is his good, his wife is the same as someone else's good.

Attu know a gamble cable expert, everybody called him "King of Kings cable," he nirvana called "flexible" cable gambling law is unlike other gambling cable, his bet no fixed cable format is resourceful, we will introduce this special article later.

"Cable King of Kings", said: "In general, when there is a pretty road," the heart of water "faction will account for an advantage because there are rules of the cards, such as long" village "long" idle "single-hop, double jump and "pat Heat Team", etc., it is easy to follow punters bet profit, but "gambling cable" faction met pretty road, but may not be able to make a profit. If the format is not  together, such as a "bottom Heat Team "cable meets the single-hop route, there will be more clashes between the situation at any time."

As if not to lose everything, and even make a profit, but "gambling cable" faction also "mortal", met Liang road and win big money, no mortal will be hated, that the win is not enough, or envious, "Heart water "faction, that they did win the most." Cable King of Kings "stress that" the heart of water "faction or," gamble cable "faction or whatever, advantages and disadvantages, we avoid holding variable, into two not to shore.

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