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Winning baccarat game (2): On Stage

Earlier Winning baccarat game (1): Basic concepts: race strategy guru Miss monica introduces some basic concepts of winning in baccarat game baccarat game winning winnings current portion of the road (B) in. Miss monica will explain to you how to determine the different stages of the game.

Remember that in baccarat game, your goal is not necessarily to win the hand or hands are stacked chips, but at the finish line than rivals out ahead! Yes, this means more than they win, but can also be mean less than they lose. on sweepstakes scientific management, and to focus on the opponent is critical. In fact, there is no more important than that.

As a star player!

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I come to introduce a major casino games on the terms of a word game strategy you repeatedly hear is the star, if you are in the horoscope, but this time the game ended, your goal is reached;.. If you not a star, or at the stars, but this time the game ended, then you lose. When playing the game should be the end of the game (I like to say, "When the Music") to maximize the chance of their own in the horoscope.

For example, say a baccarat game in the first round of competition, each table 12 people, the tables were playing a card shoe baccarat. At the end, before the six players brand boots (that is to have Up to six players in chips) advance to the second round, the other six players out in the race in this round and the final, six players per table is considered to be in the stars, because to achieve the purpose of promotion, while the other 6 the name of the failure.

Competition structure

I said the "wheel" may refer to a small sub-race, a semi-final or final.

Here to introduce a standard baccarat game structure assumed game has 72 players participated, each table 12 people, a total of six tables. This is the first round. In the first round of the final, half the players (each 6 players before the first round tournament table) to the semifinals with three tables, each table 12 people (from which 36 players to qualify from the first round). 4 players before the semi-finals of each tournament table finals (and therefore in the semifinals and ended only the first four players in the horoscope).

A total of 12 players into the final, from each semi-final race before the four tables. In the final, what is the stars? To be honest, usually only the first is considered to be in the stars, because the first prize in general than much higher than other rankings, the correct strategy should be to make every effort to win the game.

Typically each round (first round, semifinals and finals) includes a 8 card and boots baccarat.

Your goal

Of course, your goal is in the stars, when the music stops. In some games, which means that from the starting line to start trying to occupy the stars, but most of the game, you have to do the maximum possible in the stars when the music stops , and at an earlier stage of each round not too worried. like a poker game, you do not need from the outset to hold the most chips, baccarat game over a period of time is not in the stars, usually possible. You need to know what time to put the fast-paced start chasing the "Star." For Rhythm entirely depends on the different stages of the game to understand.


Baccarat game features include three distinct phases:

Early stage


Late (I like to call "death")

He said forward from the rear, the latter only last hand, which is the last hand this round of the game. After this hand, the inventory of chips, the separation of winners and losers. This is the most important hand.

The exact start time of the mid-small extent and the maximum bet amount, average stack, as well as several key players during mid-chips relative amount of related.It even marked location and the first note (Now part (A) understand the meaning of the first injection mark), and the location of the marker may be located in the latter part of the relevant.Despite these factors, it can be said generally round of the competition, starting in the mid-left hand when about 10.If you are not sure about the exact start time of mid-term and medium-term estimate should try to tend to a little longer rather than shorter, not much worse than the remaining time thing.It continued until the mid-second hand penultimate round of competition, which is the most important mid-hand.

Early stage before mid. Round may total less than 10 hands, there is no early, but this is extremely rare.

Each stage of the strategy is different, so know what stage is crucial. So how do you know how many hands left it? Good question!


We know first-hand baccarat cards 4.94 average. This figure is very close to 5, it can be said baccarat hand spent 4, 5 or 6 cards, the cards have roughly 10 per hand.

You need to pay attention at the beginning of the following things:

Brand boots in a few decks of cards

The exact location of the card cut card (dealer specific practices and rules may differ)

How many top brand boots have fold

Some things to remember:

Before the game the dealer will usually fold, first discard the first card in the card shoe, abandoned after the number of sheets of blackjack card face value of the card, A counted as 1 instead of 11 (for example, the first a card is 5, he will then discard five cards; first card is Q, then discard 10 cards; the first card is A, then discard a card).

And Blackjack is different, when Baccarat cut card card appears, then usually hand, so we can determine when the final hand appear, but when the second hand bad hair countdown OK (issued at the beginning of the hand, you've been to bet).

With the above information, you can calculate how many brand boots in hand. For example, such as the round with eight cards, which is 416 cards (or 83 hands). Dealer carefully in brand boots The last cut of about 10 cards (that is, both hands). fold is K, the dealer then again discarded 10 cards (again two hands).

You can almost say with certainty that the card will be issued before the cut card appears 79 hand (out of one to two hands). Start 69 hand belongs to the early stages of the next 10 hands belong to the medium-term, the final hand (after the cut card card ) late.

Of course, the game of baccarat provides pen and paper. If you want a more accurate estimate, you can actually be recorded for each license issued, rather than count the number of hands played! However, this accuracy is actually unnecessary.

Now that you know how to determine exactly what stage their own at some point in the game: early, middle or late stages each apply different strategies, we will explain in part (C) in.

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