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Baccarat dimensional reverse stair cable

Gambling is winning or losing in my view, there are winners and losers is gambling, only lose or win it is not only gamble!

From this perspective, there is no method to win, because no one can know the next shop "must" is the village or leisure.

We talk about winning method is a method of the macro or "long-term" down to win more than lose, there is a theoretical expected value is greater than the player's casino (the dealer) approach. So if cutting Heqing be able to "long-term" down to win more than lose it, it is also a kind of "Winning."

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Do you agree with this view?

Gambling wins or loses the case, I think we did not win another problem.

? That lost us how to do it has a lot of gamblers would say:! Not yet begun to advance the output really unlucky in fact not the case, did not prepare for the worst if you approach before, just in case the worst case scenario It occurred how you will deal with this?

Output will occur, not terrible, terrible is lost after you know what to do.

What do we do?

Make a plan, we planned to lose to win back.

This plan is the "rope."

Someone with a victory into the Reconquista, it was with negative chase, this is planned.

According to people with a variety of different personalities and abilities of different forms of cable was designed, from another point of view can be divided into two categories:

Negative chase cable

Sheng Jin Cable

There are very well-known saying:

Cable continues to win -----

Cable break also won ------

Looks very mysterious, in fact wins into the cable can be done, "the cable continues to win -----, ------ broken cable also won" three-dimensional reverse stair cable is no exception. If those who do not master the trick of words This sentence is certainly not so simple, I can think of now only wins into the cable can do it.

Selection of cables and personality is completely inseparable, like me: I afraid of losing, I can not afford to chase stakes negative psychological pressure rises, I like when the stakes Forecast bring pleasure when to high , so I only win into the cable, live chase.

Next, I share with you my experience with.

to be continued......

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