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Baccarat betting method scales buy light side

This method is based on Casino Is victorious party, if you agree, this method must be feasible.

Under most circumstances, each person has to buy a village table games, people buy idle, seldom is the average stakes on both sides, there will be the severity of the points. If it is to buy long-term weight winning party, so why not the casino to lose money? So the more There may be heavy buying one often wrong, and in the light of the party on. Since it is a heavy loser many times, in other words one often buy light, long count, win or lose no.

When the same method, but also to Shoujiyankuai, at the latest betting. Shop shop so, or will find that sometimes you will lose, because winning or losing is a cycle, there is win or lose, the resulting benefits just play for a while long, with average, lose more than win, and that even winning the.

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It should be noted that a special kind of situation, one is in Taiwan have focused on the buy side, it can be a lay slightly to avoid the same stage as other gamblers enemy, arouses aversion. The other is to see if a certain ho passengers, bet big, he bets on behalf of the re-injection, and just when he was to be shipped to, much less win lose, it would have to avoid, not to buy the light one to Bo to win, not until Hawker maintain victorious when they can re-run this method.

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