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Baccarat betting guide betting method

Before entering text, first make several important statement:

1,Betting guide I think,Casino Is the world's most active and open spaces economic fraud, casino boss is a swindler.

2,Betting guide I believe that if there were no casinos, no one Gambling, The world will certainly be better.

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3,Betting guide Hope all casino world collapse, everyone from gaming.

4,Betting guide You know, probably to human destruction of that day, the desire to be possible to achieve.

5,Betting guide I thought, since there is no way to stop gambling, it had to find a way to check swindler.

6,Betting guide Decided to make joint efforts with all the gamblers, the casinos do their part to overcome.

In addition, not everyone is suited to gambling, to become a long-term winning professional gambler, in fact, very, very difficult. The most difficult place, not the technology, but rather the psychological weakness of human nature. You have to have a strong self-control ability, Patience, perseverance, but also can always keep a sober mind. betting guide ourselves repair is not enough, so always do a full-time gambler.

First, the Candu of origin

In 2000, I came to California from Guangzhou. Before this, I had never been to a casino, their education from childhood, so I think 10 bet nine cheat, Candu will lose. Also, I have always felt a no gambling operation, whether they are a child playing "pearls", "thirteen", "guess coin", or grew up playing "percentage", "Big Two", "mahjong", I have often big loser, but I like to study, like study technology, so I like to play chess, chess is not luck, rely on technology.

I live in San Jose, it is the world-famous high-tech area - Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley) is an important city, then the nearby Indian reservations are not casinos, recent casino is four hours of Renault .2001 New Year's Day, the boss Shen bit clinic doctors invited me to Reno casino play, it was the first time I set foot in a casino, Shen doctors taught me pull the slot machine, I use 20 yuan 25 cents to play slot machines, will soon lose light, so there is no longer bet.

After some time, all of a sudden one day saw an ad in the World Journal, declared a set called "New 奇吉利Baccarat System "Correspondence Course (believe that some time ago it was mentioned at the forum 'Liao Na Betting Act'), you can teach people to play baccarat win $ 4,000 every day. I thought, since there are technical, then I would certainly learn will, then use a credit card to pay a $ 199 mail-order a set.

After the materials sent, I read an article, I feel a little disappointed, was mainly felt 竷 fly write textbooks al 憭 t, there are many words do not convey, in addition to the theoretical system also feel very stringent in this textbook , or simply not credible theory to support this system.

Fortunately, this textbook published a consultation call, so I called to ask clear the details, then the home test, test a little, he found it incredible, the original of this system is really very powerful, even if the number bet win lose less money is also still win!

I think back really good naive. In fact, the set is to teach people to buy only the village, and then win back staircase input cable to play, but then I never had any contact baccarat, of course, never had any contact stakes France, under the test that kind of bet operation method is really a no, must win method.

So confident, ambitious marching to the then newly opened Indian "Goldwater" casino

Think about it, every day you can win $ 4,000 Well, the United States is really heaven ah! The first two to go, very lucky to win a few hundred dollars, I thought to myself, there is a different technique! Then again, finally eat bitterness, not only before win-lose back, also lost several hundred down.

Although lost, but know that gambling is not entirely luck, which also has technical at all, began to find that information on research Dushu, but please when a friend's computer engineers to write programs to prove all kinds of Dushu in paying a lot of effort and after money, and finally we realized that some of the truth, to grasp some useful methods.

From the end of 2003, this year (2005) Chinese New Year, I went to the casino dozens of times, each time winning status at home (up to eight hundred one win, at least once winning 2 million). My bet is usually little, one of the biggest early school with straight cable nowadays over more than four hundred US dollars one note, but then I mainly use flat injection method, mostly 10, 15 or $ 25 a note, and occasionally in the "developed the Valley" Casino 50 a dollar note, withheld at April 9 had posted a message over the casino). The reason I bet too little, because I am not a professional gambler always, I go to the casino, mainly for fun, do not want to bear the spirit too much pressure.

Spring Festival this year, I was in Reno Harrah's casino to 25 yuan / square note to play a night, won $ 470.

Home care receive friends in Hong Kong to buy the "big winner Baccarat" and "Baccarat winning 38-style", so burn the midnight oil, but unfortunately, these books made me break the Forecast record. In fact, I know you can not always win every time, but the heart is always hope Forecast records can be kept longer.

I read those two books, I feel that some of the cable is really good, so they did not tested Goldwater ran excitedly casino fight, play six hours, but lost nearly 200 yuan, the next day not convinced battles The results lose four hundred yuan, 600 yuan a total loss of two. I mention this not to say that these books is not good, but would like to tell you that gambling is not easy! more than a year's experience before Forecast make yourself feel smug, thinking that has mastered the body does not break.

But in fact, it is not enough to calm the situation encountered unexpected. For the new method, have not been able to skillfully use, there is no change in the Board than expected set of coping strategies, the seat of your pants to fight, of course, easily lead to failure. This It failed once made me feel very frustrated, not because of 600 yuan, but because two-game losing streak.

The end of March early April, I went to the eastern United States on business, a friend invited me to India Palace Casino in Atlantic City to eat lobster dinner and overnight fight this time, I decided to use only their most familiar method - Gaming Guide Heart half an hour before a meal ,I'm here Roulette Easy win six red and black notes (baccarat tables no vacancies, it would not roulette); after dinner, next door to a casino to bet one hundred

Knorr (India Palace baccarat tables or no vacancies), a night, more than twenty win the note, then, good mood finally came back.

Second, it is possible to overcome the baccarat gamblers do?

Baccarat is a negative yield of gambling games, gamblers do not win by. All along,Blackjack Professional gamblers are considered impossible to get on the baccarat advantage once for several months, I have been troubled by this issue, once wanted to give up research baccarat, blackjack card counting practice turn surgery. And I eventually be able to stick to it, mainly due to the "casino winner probability" ("Full Time Gambler") this book, the author can be long-term in Hele Wei Dice, Roulette, baccarat on the winning, why can not I?

But 何乐威 not actually in the book truly open his winning way, then he exactly how to gain advantage in the negative yield of gambling show?

Today, we look at three or four decades ago Hele Wei wrote this book will no doubt find that there are many outdated and wrong view (especially in blackjack bet with respect), but the book is still a lot of flash gold especially his "cycle mode" exposition, gave me great inspiration.

Experienced baccarat gamblers know, regardless of any kind of betting method, will not have to lose, it will not have to win, but sometimes win and sometimes lose. I remember when the old forum, users because Winning can not be found, it will lose ingenuity posts Looking law, because if found will lose law, as long as the turn bet, it becomes law the win. But in fact, there are blackjack will lose Act ( continued to licensing), but then neither will win baccarat law, and no law will lose, winning or losing hand always changing gradually tendency casino.

When we fixed in a betting baccarat gambling law, there must be part of the brand road is not suitable for this method, then we will lose; but it must be part of the licensing path for this approach, then we will win.

If we try to win in cards can win the way, in the way the cards will lose withdraw sidelined in early, you can get the advantage, to win more than lose less purpose.

The question is: Is it possible to do that?

The answer is:! Can because I did.

So, what kind of methods that use?

Third, talk baccarat card counting method

Baccarat card counting method to talk about it. Swallow've happened around this topic a lot of controversy, quarreling new forum from the old Forum, the war has not completely subsided.

Since the sixties of the last century, card counting was successfully overcome nine p.m., many people will move from the card counting method to deal with baccarat brains.

The first person to eat crab 唐布尔 Dr. Henry, in 1983, he and a master computer to launch the "winner Baccarat Strategy" (Winning Baccarat Strategies). 唐布尔 is a computer expert, gambling theorist, also One of the famous card counting blackjack in Las Vegas has opened nine p.m. bet with school, professional gambler blackjack the most popular level card counting technique (High-Low Card Counting System) is his masterpiece. However, his "baccarat winner Policies" Du Shu became the laughingstock of the research community, made his reputation.

After that, more and more people continue this research, now I know there is Tang Buer, cards Sa (Cardoza), Daizi Lang, Primus (Mainland nobody), Zhou Dingjun (TIS), et al.

It may be the most familiar Sa cards, "card counting baccarat master" (Baccarat Master Card Counter) Introduction he published can see in the following connection: http: //

(Bet a lot of books published this person rhetorical sensational content, it is recommended not to buy the book on this site).

So far, most of the gambling experts agree that card counting technique can not make gamblers winning at baccarat. Among them, we are more familiar 戴子郎 and Primus duo, through their own research, all that

1, with gambling baccarat card counting technique can yield a slight increase (hits), but can not make the yield from negative to positive

2, with gambling baccarat card counting technique eventually lose money.

It is worth mentioning that 周鼎钧 nephew, their Jinding baccarat series has been the focus of controversy forum.In all fairness, I think that if in strict accordance with the requirements of its stop loss and profit betting on baccarat, King of the transmission rate is not high.However, this is always a way to lose money, Tang Buer computer simulation of one hundred seventy-five million flop hand Baccarat result, Dai Zilang simulated one hundred fifty million hand, Primus simulated one hundred million hand , King is no mention of how much they use open licensing information for research (this is very scientific and irresponsible readers).The results obtained in front of three similar, is this: big (6-10) is advantageously open village, small cards (1-5) is advantageously open leisure (Primus is considered advantageous to open 10 free), King is just the opposite, I think big Advantageously open idle, a small card enabling open village.

Jinding think the computer does not faithfully repeated hand or machine shuffle shuffling process actual tables (which is very computer illiterate views. As such views, blackjack basic strategy should be revised again), so they only research manually shuffle and reshuffle flop mechanical data, this result, it is easy to make them open because of lack of data cards, namely lack of statistics said the number of samples, which led to incorrect conclusions. According to This, I think the overall count cards Jinding output rate is likely higher than other card counting method.

In fact, I believe this is also very clear Jinding author, because 周文敬 Jinding one of the authors had strongly suggested that I use a local card counting method in the phone, do not play the big picture card counting. So, local card counting method is not really make Gamblers get advantage?

Of course not. The basic argument is wrong, no matter how many tricks and then changed back, still is wrong. Local card counting method, at best, just another trick Bale 50/50.

However, if you work at a local card counting method can indeed winning. I say, there may be some users will find it very strange, because there are friends talk about when the local Jinding card counting method, I was issued last year are objections, how to count cards can now say local winning it?

In fact, I think all along, Jinding local card counting method will not bring advantages to baccarat players in front reason that can win money, because I will be partial count cards "brand flow" converted to uppercase road map, with real road map, then betting guide Heart bet, you can win money a natural. I used this method for six months, the effect is good, then have an easier alternative, it is not used again. As for the cards How to turn flow into large road map, will remain in the following "On the Road Act baccarat see" chapter and then described in detail.

Fourth, talk baccarat bet Act

All along, the gamblers who are looking for a method to overcome the casino, so far, to my knowledge, gambling experts find gambling drama cracking method are: sports betting (betting on horse races and the like), do not cycle the two shuffling machine eleven, old progressive prize slot machines, progressive bonuses Video Poker, Pai Gow gamblers can turn PLAY Poker(Pai Gow Poker, ie seven). As Stud(Poker), although also high technology were more wins, but similar Mahjong is a gambler gambler with gambling, so not really crack.

But gamblers do not necessarily like to learn how to correctly play above or conditional gambling play, while Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan favorite baccarat gamblers and size, European gamblers like roulette, American gamblers favorite dice (Craps), gambling Experts have found it impossible to overcome the casino's advantage. But gamblers are not convinced, then create many "Cable Act" (Note code method), used in a variety of gambling games, hoping to take this twist dry Kun, the advantages of casino gamblers on this side of the steering.

Unfortunately, this is just a beautiful dream!

However, I am not entirely negative cable law as long as there is a good method of betting, cable law can play its due role. In other words, you must first have a good betting methods, cable method can help you win money.

In strict accordance with the basic strategy of blackjack bet, the average transfer rate is 0.5%, the lowest rate of gamblers lose play casino gambling. Since some casinos use recycled shuffling machine to crack after professional gambler card counting, there Many gamblers trying to overcome the cycle shuffling machine cable law,

It was a success?


0.5% of all cable law can not break even, you also insisted that the cable can break the transmission line rate of 1.05% for Baccarat it?

Please keep in mind:

ʱ?? ʱ??

Stakes law alone, never possible to play any kind of gambling revenues increased from negative to positive

ʱ?? ʱ??

Understand this, you will be able to take a lot less costly mistakes in the process of research baccarat.

There are multiple choice questions, please choose the answer you think is right:

A, I next move to increase the stakes, because I calculated that the next move higher winning percentage.

B, my next move to increase the stakes, because on one hand I am lost.

C, my next move to increase stakes, because on one hand I won.

There is no doubt that only A is the correct answer. If it is on paper questions, I believe most people would choose A bar in the casino with real action option B, C than people who choose A much more.

Option A is the blackjack professional gambler; option B or C, are in Baccarat, size, craps, roulette gambler ...... uplink cable.

Blackjack card counting only professional gamblers winning more than 50% when calculated only big bets; that is, they are winning because (yield) is high, so the next big bet but baccarat gamblers. not the same, they are usually lost money because the front, so only the stakes increase (win back the cable input method); or because the front to win money, so take note Pier increase (input back into the win The cable method).

In all fairness, any kind of cable law (including straight cable) does not increase the rate of gamblers lose, but will make the cable line gambling turnover rate, if there is no good method with betting, will lead to gamblers lose more much faster.

Let us analyze some common stakes law.

1, flat injection method.

Generalized stakes law should include flat injection method, including in the forum often said flat note will lose, these words itself is good, but people who say this often believe they have found a good cable will be able to win, which was pathetic wrong If no good betting law, whether by cable or flat note are the long bet will lose. I personally like to use flat note, flat injection method because it feels smooth low risk, in the course of the easier it is to keep gambling peace and quiet of mind, can reduce the chance of error. As long as there is proper betting law, can long with a flat note in the casino winnings.

2, Mario.

Narrow sense of "Mario", after winning a hand, immediately doubling the original chip bet on the next hand. Improved "Mario", after winning a hand, vary

Fixed bet next hand (intermediate stop Some Notes), but patience emerge after the next entry point, and then the original chips doubling down.

Whether narrow or improvement of doubles, we now have to ask is, why secondhand chips to double? Increase the stakes of data processing that? Secondhand winning percentage will be higher than it firsthand? Some people say, only increase the stakes, in order to win more money.

But whether the thought, if second-hand lose, it will with interest to the first-hand the money lost.

Some people say that this is the casino's money to play casino, even if the lose, lose half of the casino's money.

This is a very funny idea and psychological economists have written many articles pointed out the absurdity of the idea of ​​this kind.

You know, you win back the money is your money, money is no longer a casino! If you win the money because the front, back casually big bets, losing speed will accelerate.

In baccarat, even in the hands of about 1/4 probability (even in the middle suspend betting as well), why do we want to 1/4 big bets it?

I think, if we use doubles, you should first examine their past record bets, your bet will be divided into the hands of a group of records to see even in the hands of the rate Gaobu Gao, if you make betting law Your chance to even in the hands of higher than 1/4, it can also use it; if not, put the doubles later quit it.

3, straight cable (negative chase multiplication method).

First-hand if you lose a note, second-hand on the pressure Annotation, if they lose, the third hand pressure four injection, lose, fourth hand pressure eight note ... Note sixteen sixty fifth hand pressure hand pressure thirty-two Note ...

These are the benefits of the familiar straight cable gambling law. This wager is even losing streak a few hands, just to win back-hand, you can go back and win this one note. The disadvantage is that users are often say "a clear bags shop . "If the money then pressure or the pressure to reach the limit of red tables, yet to win back-hand, will suffer heavy losses and defeat.

If you use this cable, you must prepare a lot more than the flat note would have to cope with the ups and downs of winning or losing bet shock. This is a cause severe heartbeat cable law, the elderly if the common straight cable, I believe that it is likely to cause heart disease.

Such a cable, not worth mentioning.

4, straight cable (positive chase multiplication method)

If you win the first hand a note, the second hand on the pressure Annotation, if they win, the third hand pressure four injection, win another, fourth hand pressure eight note ...... first

Five hand pressure sixteen NOTE ...... sixth hand pressure thirty-two Note ......

This direct cable, no matter how many wins in front, as long as the lost one hand, they come to naught, all attributed to zero to use this cable, it must have foreseen the first few hands will break cable's super power. It is only the gods only play to win Cables, mortal eyes like you and me, or do not wiser too.

5, Stairs cable

Sectional two first win back stairs into the input cable:

After each win one hand, are by a fixed rate increase stakes gamble on the first next move; each lose a hand, then returned to the starting point or return to the front of a stage, say, if the increase in the ratio set at 30%, the first 100 yuan men 100 yuan, won the second men 130 yuan, has won the third men 170 yuan, to win another, fourth men 220 yuan, if you lose the hand, fifth hand it back to the beginning of the or return to 130 yuan ......

When this cable Forecast stairs higher profits, if one would win a lose lose.

The second is to win back stairs input cable:

After each lost a hand, are by a fixed rate increase stakes gamble on the first next move; each win one hand, he returned to the previous level, say, if the increase in the ratio set at 30%, the first men 100 yuan, lost The second men 130 yuan, he lost the third men 170 yuan, lose, fourth men 220 yuan, if the hand wins, fifth hand is under 220 yuan, to win another, sixth men 170 yuan ... ʱ??

I personally prefer this type of cable, as long as the latter stage win more lose less, or the chance to catch a Forecast of the number of times even lose more than win the overall, but also often have the opportunity to make money or break even. Betting Guide Heart often can catch opportunity Forecast and appropriate fit this category win back staircase input cable to increase profitability.

6, mix change cable

Mentioned above are a few basic mode stakes law by these modes, you can change a myriad of extended cable, such as: Pom Pom, three-color cable, four-color cable, N-type cable ...... delete counting method, Win lose it into law into law ...... capella, Samsung law, N Stars law ......

But no matter what changes, the basic characteristics of the cable law change some cable in mixed change, only the people confused dizziness brain up, increasing the chance of error; while some changes are more humane cable psychological characteristics, such it would be easier to find the cable with matching bets law.

As do not ask brother mentioned "Yangtze code", it is a good cable law.

Cable law summarized three basic characteristics:

a. Any cable, whether single or mixed change, we can not change the yield play any kind of gambling.

b. If there is no good method of betting, with any kind of cable (including hybrid cables) are the president losing bet.

c. If there is no good method of betting, with cable usually lose more quickly.

Fifth, look at the road to talk baccarat method

Baccarat called "Road" refers to the results of Baccarat flop records.

By looking at the road ahead, to judge the results of the back of the flop to determine the next note in the village or busy men, which is most of the most commonly used baccarat gamblers gambling law.

Statisticians said that the results of Baccarat flop each hand is an independent event.

In other words, the road ahead is completely independent of the back with the results.

Forum also had a lot of people have said: Look Baccarat gambling is a dead end road.

But the vast majority of gamblers still its own way, continue to play Pathfinder in baccarat table Game Sometimes, they really found a good way, then the whole table of people thunderous applause, wreathed in smiles; sometimes, long time no good way, so the whole table of people face gloomy, silent silent.

Look at the road to explore the feasibility law or not, may wish to look at baccarat in the end the number of "road."

Remember having seen on the forum was that someone copied the four decades of the road did not find the same two-way paper boots after I saw the postings heart straight laugh:? Forty years you dude can really be joking!

US casino baccarat is usually a shoe brand more than 700 hand, if by seventy hands to count the total change in the way its brand is 2 to the power 70.

2 to the power 70 is a concept? We use language readily understood, is to base two yards, hit 70 straight cable number.

That this number equal to the number in the end?

1180591620717411303424 equal.

Well, suppose a man, from birth, was sitting at the table records flop bet result baccarat, middle without eating and sleeping on the toilet, accessible 24 hours a day to record up to 100 years old died, this man The recorded cards road, just drop in the ocean of the total change in the way it baccarat; Suppose this person has her son, also from a birth record card road, also record up to 100 years, so the two men are recorded cards road together, it is still only drop in the ocean; then assume son have sons, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-grandson had, had had great-grandchildren, they live for 100 years to record license road, their road record paper together, from one hundred the total change in the way music licensing worse still home galaxy ...... No, worse billion in hundreds of millions in it!

To quote a legend about the origin of chess, we can deepen the understanding of this number.

The origin of chess, which is more of a legendary name is this: In ancient India there was a king, he has supreme power and untold wealth.But the power and wealth eventually make him tired of life, eager to have a fresh stimulus.There @ day, came an old man, with his own invention of chess to appear before the country's jade.King met with this new stuff is very like it, together with the old man playing chess.But he was about to get started, they could not bear to put down, and actually keep the old man next three days and nights in a row.On the fourth day morning, the king was very satisfied, the elderly, said: "You gave me a lot of fun.To reward you, I have decided now, you can get anything you want from me.ʱ??

Indeed, the king is so rich, Is there any requirement is not met it yet, but slowly the old man replied:? "Almighty King ah, you though is the world's richest man, but I'm afraid I can not meet Claim."

King is not happy, he frowned and said, gravely:. "Said, even if what you want is half the kingdom" So, the old man to tell their own request: "Please king ordered on the board first in a grid put a grain of wheat, wheat 两粒 put on the second grid, put four grains on the third grid, the fourth grid placed eight grain, and thus increase the number of each cell in turn doubled the wheat until the sixty-fourth grid so far. ʱ??

"Poor people, ah, your request will do so little?"

King could not help laughing, he immediately ordered to take a bag of wheat, in accordance with the requirements of the number of elderly people to him, but a bag of wheat would be finished soon.

King feel a bit strange, they ordered people to go get a bag of bags ...... followed by third and fourth bags ...... wheat piling up, but still far away from the sixty-fourth grid very na.

I saw the king's face gradually turned gloomy by surprise, it was not a rage turned treasury wheat has been evacuated, still only count to the first fifty cells on the board. King thought the old man was teasing him , ordered to kill the old man.

In fact, the old man is not wrong, he really can not meet the requirements According to the calculation of the total number, checkerboard grid sixty-four wheat will be a nine-digit, converted into weight, which is about more than two hundred billion tons. And Even modern, annual worldwide wheat, but also is the number of tons of it.

Look, just are 1 based code, hit 64 straight cable number, it has been an astronomical figures. After testing hundreds of shoe brand if anyone, will tell you to win law found, you will believe ?

Many people had thought, as long as all the cards all the way to be listed Baccarat cracks, you can find out the rules developed Winning now always should understand, this idea is just a delusion.

We know that there is no ongoing cable. In fact, the world did not continue the way. Just how you design any cables, any road will be cut off at any location! And in the long run, at any location off the cable explosion probability Road it's the same.

Please note"Anywhere"The words.

Some gamblers always thought some locations very reliable (such as "smile back" and the like), like the re-injection at these locations. But in fact, looking back with a smile, "a cry back," the probability of exactly the same, long-term in these positions Note, yield was negative 1.26%.

Why would anyone really think that there is law? In fact, this is the "groping in the dark" effect.

Groping in the dark is an ancient parable: once went six blind "see" the elephant: touch the trunk says the elephant like a snake, touch ivory spear like that elephant, elephant ears that touch the elephant like a fan, like a tail that touched the elephant was like a rope, like a foot that touched the elephant like pillars, like the body that touch the wall like an elephant. And every blind thought he touched the most correct results , so they argue, arguing a bee

(Quarrel with us on the forum like it. ^ _ ^).

Think about baccarat cards road a little more difficult to count, human life can only come into contact with a portion of extremely small, if you have accumulated thousands of hands boots real casino paper path might have been felt very "Hearts rich", but in fact, we are like those six blind can not see the whole life, "like", you find out from the thousands of boots inside the law, but is the "image" of a small section, so find out the law, probably in the next time you go to the casino was shattered!

Jia Fozu release said:

Where all the phases are all false, if seen with a non-relative, you see the Tathagata.

His Holiness said:

All promising method as fleeting dream, such as dew electricity should be the same.

I write to you, we should all know me, "look at the road law" point of view of the bar.

To find the cards in the sea smoke Road Miao fixed rule, the fixed method to overcome Baccarat, only a dream is nothing idiot!

So far, we know: card counting method does not work, bet France Hang Bude, the traditional method also can not look at the road line.



Baccarat so hard to win, we just do not bet forget.

Six Betting Guide - On undefeated Heart

ʱ?? ʱ??

Lingshan Buddha in the meeting, Nianhua show the public is Zhongjie silent, only broken Yan betting guide Venerable Kassapa Buddha said:. "I have Zhengfayancang, Nirvana wonderful heart, with no solid phase, subtle Dharma, not stand writing, teaching outside pass, Fuzhu Mahākāśyapa. "

- Nianhua betting guide is enlightened realm.

ʱ?? ʱ??

In the previous chapters, I put all the usual magic used against baccarat are rejected, then the bet Baccarat really did not want to win?

of course not!

Please carefully understand that I expressed in the previous chapter mean: I said, "Law can not rely stakes advantage," then, with a good betting method work?

I said, "look at the road fixed law can not beat baccarat", then look at the road alternative method work?

The answer is yes!

NOTE men decide the next village, leisure, and or methods do not bet, is betting method. Look path method is a method of betting, card counting technique is a kind of betting method.

If correct use of betting guide Heart, you can be transformed into any kind of betting method capable of undefeated approach.

To undefeated casino, you must first figure out why undefeated casino gamblers.

Since users "Bruce" the concept of "law of large numbers," the forum brought, as we all know by the law of large numbers win casino gambler money.

The law of large numbers winning premise, is the design of unfair play gambling interests tilted to the casino party.

We have not thought about, if all kinds of gambling gambling law play the same, but the casino will be returned to the advantages of the interests of gamblers, so the advantages of various gambling drama have become 50/50, so that no law of large numbers for the casino winning the So, casino gamblers can win money?

The answer is: not bad according to win, just win a little less of it.

No inclination interests, there is no law of large numbers to help, casino win what?

A win gambler to bet play misconceptions.

In strict accordance with the basic strategy of gambling blackjack, average transmission rate of only 0.5%. There was a time I was watching to see others bet blackjack, strict adherence to the basic strategy of betting discovery of 100 where to find not three. Wrong gambling law, can lead to more than 10% of the output rate, even if the gamblers casino betting gamblers back to 0.5% of the total, of course, still still win grin.

Second, the winning gambler physical, spiritual, time and bookie, casino is a 24 hours non-stop running, not feeling the impact of gambling in this approximation unlimited gambling machines, while gamblers are psychological, physiological, travel time by , bookie, and many other factors.

In baccarat, for example, both to buy and to buy idle Zhuang average transfer rate of about 1.26%.

If there are individuals baccarat bet $ 2,000, an average of 50 yuan per men note, boots bet 50 per hand, the average bet amount is 2500 yuan per piece (of which there are winners and losers), 2500 × 1.26% = 31.5 元, In other words, this person should lose an average of 31.5 yuan per piece, theoretically, totaling 63 boots will bet gambled $ 2,000, but in fact, a considerable number of gamblers within 6 shoe brand will put 2 one thousand yuan gambled.

why will this happen?

We know that, regardless of any kind of betting method, there will be both winners and losers, and lose, win occasional distribution is average, but most of the time tend to lose or win a certain side. When you win more than lose less time, which is precious happy hour (Happy Hour), gamblers certainly do not want to leave the table games, we hope to continue to win more.

The problem is, Happy hour will never be long lasting, and win lose less time will come, and when losing money, gamblers are more reluctant to leave the tables, but they have bigger bet, bet times more frequently, in order to win the game as soon as possible. In this tug of war, the gamblers will eventually win lose less in a period gambled away all the chips (or lose to stop points) and indemnities leave.

(Noted here is mainly a universal phenomenon, not to say that every gambler are so).

For instance easier to understand: I bet this latest baccarat in Las Vegas last night sitting on my left is a seemingly staid middle-aged, the accuracy rate has been high, he bet gambling was also very cautious, countertops chips slowly increased, I took him as a "red light." Then there is a shoe brand, in front of two out of four with Zhuang, a four even idle, while Six village , Six busy close together each one.

(Hint: look at the way the traditional method that the front or four or even sixth company, on behalf of the village busy shoplifting Qi head in the opposite direction reliability).

After several hands, but also out of a four-connected village, so he bought in the fifth hand hammer attack idle, the result is the village, he lost the hand after they temporarily forbearance hand, the seventh hand, he more re-injection to buy idle, or even village, I saw him bite the bullet, one hand in one hand heavily than continuous rebuy busy, catch the ninth hand, he chips gambled on stage, she took out the last pockets dug a little cash, bet still busy, the results tenth hand or village, he gambled away all the money, seated motionless dealers continue to see the flop, the eleventh hand, finally opened his disgusting anticipating a busy, He sighed, and had to leave.

(This long village, I win from beginning to end.) This is a rather extreme example (but absolutely true), there are a lot of not so extreme example, usually several see-saw boots will be gambled.

Netizen "Do not ask," also has a deep understanding of this, we might look at one of his Jiutie "see the wood for the trees":


Do not ask # 2005/05/05 01:35


Killer in and out often people can find an interesting phenomenon to see the chart that every weekend is a living "casino memoir" how do you say ?? gambled chips than people actually winning people (even if only to win 100) I do not know how many more ??

Now let's assume that if the killer be interesting to modify the rules of the game become

Every time a maximum bet of 10,000 yuan minimum limitation

b each bet who wins in each shoe to 5,000 yuan after the automatic stop betting until the next shoe game resumed after the end of a cycle you'll find will be greatly changed loser will be substantially reduced while increasing the letter win people Do not believe?------------------------------------------

You believe it? I believe it! Not only the letter, but also deep.

Where to see the problem yet?

The problem is: the majority of gamblers losing too many big bets period!

I think that, on this issue gamblers lose money than lose money on the law of large numbers much more!

So, solution to the problem lie?

A netizen called "Macaufan", occasionally posting on the forum, because of his screen name and Guangdong foul homophonic word, so I initially did not pay attention to him. But in the recent "shoo? Game Past development of mathematical theory," a quote , and was surprised to find he had a senior professional gambler blackjack.

Where blackjack professional gambler, has strong mathematical concepts, for all the emphasis on digital gambling are precise and accurate.

I look Macaufan previous post, in full compliance with the above conditions but he additionally said that I think surprised a lot of words:

ʱ?? ʱ??

Macaufan # 2005/06/07 00:22


But one thing has been in my mind for a long long time, have not tried yet ... is luck. If luck exists, and if we know how to catch it, then maybe we can overcome the samll advantage and have some profit in long run.

The Chinese translation of this text:

But there is something lingering in my mind for a long time, I have not tried ... and that is "luck", if "luck" exists, and we know how to hold it, then we may be able to overcome that slight disadvantage and to obtain benefits in the long bet.

ʱ?? ʱ??

In this case, if spoken by the most people, it is not surprising. But in blackjack professional gambler's mind, never in the rotation only precise figures, it comes to "luck", it is just that they ridicule the topic, I believe that if this passage in the forum of blackjack, would be a fool to lecture about it as a battle-hardened veteran blackjack professional gamblers, Macaufan still holding have this idea and made public, it is valuable and worth considering!

Professional gamblers Hele Wei (LGHolloway) in his "Full-Time Gambler" a writing said: "About cycle mode, as long as you keep in mind the following instructions:

. Fortune has five different modes: good and bad luck, the long and short run transportation, as well as the corresponding road swing is simple fortune to go in that direction, to follow on the right; if it is wavering, you can There are two choices: give up or to go do not play, or to go along with wavering only know how to think about the idea of ​​a straight line is very narrow.

Maybe some users do not know Hele Wei, then take a look at a classic conversation he and his son would do him a little understanding.

Holoway had a son who graduated MIT and was reputed to be a mathematics genius. "Dad,"

said the son one day, "you can not beat a casino. You can not overcome the odds. You just can not." Holloway told me he replied,

"You're right, son. You 're absolutely right." He paused.

"By the way, this house we're sitting in? That new automobile outside? That hefty college tuition I paid for you for four years? They all came from casino winnings. But you're absolutely right."

The Chinese translation of this passage is:

何乐威 there is hailed as son graduated from MIT and mathematical genius. "Father, his son one day said, you can not beat the casino, you can not go beyond the casino's advantage, you really can not.

He Lewei told me he replied, you're right, son, you're absolutely right. "He paused." By the way, we are sitting inside the house, outside the new car, I pay you four years that expensive tuition fees, these are all back from the casino to win. But you're absolutely right. "

From Lyle Stuart's "Winning at Casino gambling"

This old man is also very funny, I first saw this period, could not help but laugh out loud. From another perspective, how old when his son, "insert", he is not furious son jumped lesson, but humor fight back peacefully to the fact that this is professional gambler should have character. We often have the opportunity to bet on the table by gambling "plug" if we all jump up every time is inserted to the re-injection to fight back, like for example that in front of me Like middle-aged man, will soon "dead" friends.

It is time to unlock secrets of the real betting guide Heart only one formulas, that is:


Fortunately hold period, always follow the trend.


What is a "lucky time"?

Is said earlier win more lose less Happy hour, is Macaufan called "luck", it is also Hele Wei said, "good luck cycle."

Some people may feel "lucky time" or "luck" that the two words unscientific, then it might be formulas to grasp win more or lose less time, "grasp lose, win distribution laws"

That said, it sounds scientific, but too cumbersome, I still like to say lucky friends.

Now, we know formulas, but, how to use it?

That is, how to grasp luck? And how to follow the general trend of it?

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