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Baccarat Betting depth analysis

1, Baccarat rules

About Baccarat rule is not to say, we are very clear. It is worth mentioning that according to pumping baccarat way into "Zhuang win pumping 5%" and "no commission baccarat." Free commission baccarat Zhuang win no pumping, but the dealer wins, then compensates 6:00 half say which is better? "Zhuang win pumping 5%" Good! Causes behind.

2, Baccarat probability

Let us talk about what is the probability, probability is the "probability of an event occurring." Probability is a very wonderful thing, it is all the biggest trump card in the hands of profit DC .DC, have come from it, it is truly the God of Gamblers.

Then talk about the application of probability in Baccarat in the.As we all know, baccarat results are divided into three types: village, leisure, and.Analysis of all possible card type, the probability of occurrence of a three situations: 45.860%, 44.625,9.516, corresponding to the DC advantages are: 1.058% (no commission baccarat 1.45, so no commission baccarat uneconomical), 1.235%, 14.360%.DC advantage is that the amount of so-called 100 yuan per bet, DC can earn.So what conclusions can be deduced: Pressure village has been superior and better than idle.Long-term bet down, there can be only one result, to a negative balance to be near.An excellent, I think long-term development of DC, Making money on the probability and prevent players from cheating.So how can you win money from the hands of DC?See Part III.

3, Baccarat luck

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To win money from the hands of DC, would be for the following the star - Miss "luck." Luck is something more magical than the probability that it "sometimes" is the player's hand and only the winning ace. Note that I said here is winning ace. We have experienced, good luck, how to bet how to win, zero is not small, 9:00 is not large. also experienced poor luck, how to bet how to lose, 8:00 to 9:00 kill, I think it is in DC to kill themselves. In fact, no, it was "luck" Miss you tease it.

How can we have good luck it? Go and find clover, pick up a horseshoe, or become a fool is also a good idea.

4, Baccarat mentality and stakes law

A good attitude can make you live longer, experience more pleasure. Plus bad attitude bad luck, one will gambled so personally I think that the importance of a good attitude is to avoid letting you lose Faster or clear bags. One way to avoid you lose faster method is the "stakes Law", it is worth noting that "the stakes Law" itself will not improve your odds, it will not improve your profitability, it The only role is to help you overcome your own demons, maintain a good attitude, and will not lose it too fast! We remember this conclusion, it is important.

Some basic "stakes Law":

1) Small flat NOTE law: nothing to say, hit the water to earn good dividends

2) doubling method: 1,2,4,8,16 ...... win a chance of winning in front of all lose, then start all over again looks good, but due to the presence bet ceiling, as well as yourself. sweepstakes is limited, it is easy to be all of a sudden hit to lie. In fact, DC is like the betting pattern.

3) Fibonacci number method: 1,2,3,5,8,13 ... After a number equal to the first two numbers and the advantage of winning when losing will not lose too fast, and lean. inning loss to offset the first two innings.

5, Baccarat presence misunderstanding

1) With regard to the probability

Question: 9 times in a row out of the village, the probability that the next one will be a busy is not bigger

Answer: No, the probability is still Zhuang: 45.860%, idle: 44.625, and: 9.516 queue for anti-dragon like one of the greatest damage is: destroy your mind, make you lose faster.

2) spotted bet

Question: spotted a winning bet to improve it?

Answer: You can not reason with the first point of each dealer is an isolated event.

3) spotted the pressure has been idle or busy press

Question: spotted pressure has been idle or busy press, to avoid pumping DC, feasible?

Answer: not feasible, the probability that reason reference section.

There are other issues regarding baccarat welcome questions, I try to answer.

6, a method can improve the odds

This is a scientifically validated method, but limited role, for not everyone own choice.

This method is somewhat similar to blackjack card counting method in Baccarat A-6 is conducive Player cards, 8-K is beneficial to the dealer, calculate the number of sheets A-6 and 8-k appears If the number of sheets A-6 appear much larger than the number of sheets 8-K, and then press big bet bookmakers, whereas the pressure idle. This method can improve about 0.1% advantage.

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