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Baccarat Betting Act duck

As the name suggests, [duck] are "different" and "asymmetrical" means

Initially I think there is nothing special, but he said something, so I think it makes sense.

He said: [tidy brand appears only one way, but there are cards Road combinations irregular thousands of species]

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Very reasonable one.

Also it seems to have said before that there was an expert: [brand road is rarely neat, neat canal if you die.]

But the Department of [Well neat] definitely more than [neat] a lot more.

Bet is this:

According to the usual write road, village or busy occur when two or more of the time bet that the next 一幢 [Zhuang Zhuang, leisure and idle as control]

That is if 一幢 only grain, the next 一幢 would not bet when you want to bet, before the control 一幢 two or more village or leisure

Betting bits only two are out in front of the number of "minus one" and "number equal" is ..

That is, if the previous two Zhuang Zhuang betting bit behind this building is this: when one opened and opened the two when.

Example: before a 3 village, a village at the time when the two, to buy idle [estimated as long as it does not].

If you lose, the first three when you buy Zhuang Zhuang [are also assessed as long as it does not].

Information is so simple, the purpose only hope Qu Wu Department with the number.

When used with a good betting law, while in some places as Shaoshao modification, should be able to.

But his method stakes a bit strange.

His theory is that

Such as the current surface is three village,

Behind the same three village only a chance,

But not the possibility of three,

It can be 2 4 5 6 ....... and so on.

And the stakes he used as the base code is 200,

When the win is 112, if the first four to lose,

Operators will put it into this round, that is win three base code.

That is a must even win Round 3 Shop only richer.

When the output is 123, the stop, if the first or second shop win [a note win],

Would be deemed to be the first off the top time win,

That bunk is the second hurdle.

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