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Baccarat also winning it?

Baccarat winning this thing may be it?

In fact, how do you say this thing loses gambling win.

Advice is not to gamble is the best choice, if you can not control themselves, they flutter flutter cheer - big trouble on the best bet do not.

Flutter cheer explanation:

The so-called "flutter builds big gamble beverages" is not the case, gambling is gambling, there is no so-called big bet flutter points, gambling all beverages, gambling wins want to win, lost the bet to think comeback, ultimately, is the loser have nothing, it has become a big bet flutter!

Profound meaning: the adage may reflect the mentality of a lot of people, but it really can cheer gambling, or just beautiful decor, even a very difficult to extricate themselves trap?

Many gamblers bet because "chaos", that is, from "builds" to start this pleasant reason, the "flutter" one step forward "big gamble" stage; by the gambling as a leisure and entertainment activities spice up their lives, until Normal life was slowly eroded, dominated by gambling, and finally it becomes "pathological gamblers" can not control their own acts.

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