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Quite a reasonable bet SicBo heart water

I bet the usual seven cable law, as follows:

1000.1000.1000.3000.6000.12000.26000 total silver code 50000

Second ﹑ ﹑ 4 ﹑ five and six eloquence in play, the third port still buy a thousand shall then still lose 1 in a thousand, but easily recovered, but the fourth port began to return this, if you agree will chase too hard , but lost to the far end of the seventh mouth 若果 2000 Zo has executed, the heart is lean money! will be a little consolation. better than a seventh of the population we are playing and will be more boring! Why Well 1.2 . or this is really too broad of the Well Ngam me! because I always use this method as much as a total of eight wins and 1 7 negative of that lost only one thousand, with an average lean remaining 6 thousand to 20 thousand dollars will go not more greedy!

The heart of the water while betting is this:

Usually the size of Taiwan or Baccarat, Pay attention to the surrounding type potential, mainly to see the sticky road, Ruoguo often single-hop station will not be buried, such as the small size of the small size of the large size of the big ... but if the size of the big big big big and small .... Link to wish to buy large, relatively weak because of the small, open big opportunities, big plums if the Zo again until the buyout so far.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

There may be unexpected gains, because I tried even in the 12 large, only the first 13 to open a small break, but I have to win 12 lose a very and taste, even if two big, one small I lean 1 ! I have a lot of mouth it even in the 7-8 opening large or small, lean on a few mouthfuls lean, lose lose one, in line with the principle of non bet bend neck DB money such as: greatly greatly big ...... Link, a lot of people to play. Well can bend the neck, said weight-based small point to know to open a large, nothing and buy small, continue to large, the greater the pressure more gambling law Link like see die you lose it!

Good times along the live gambling license to lose one and go, Lei continue to buy, Han bet will not stand the pressure-what! But one thing to note, if the lean and buy the next note must be level code, do not clip Diego, as well as see big and small small small small small please do not bet, because at this time if the fear would be to buy a small water tail, if they feel buy big bend neck, it is better not to buy, it is best head 1 large or small shop and 2 large or even a small shop even before betting.Use this method to tour Taiwan Air movements, better than buying them heart water.When you win the bet doubles will turn into 2 1 Note 4 thousand thousand, the speed up to reach the target weight I Do not know there is a temporary method of good luck or good, up to only four losing streak, then in the fifth port.A station that is to lose as C units, they lose bets B station and so on (of course bets Hou told me that the above method Air-type potential)

In addition to the seven gambling cable law, Ruoguo seven short feel uncertain, can be estimated in the first 两口 buried in the heart of the water table does not bet, or just under 100 yuan nominal, until two straight sets formal eloquence of 1 thousand 1 Notes , in the case of the seventh person to the mouth of the port is the ninth Pianji.Such as when you have a losing streak of nine should be quite dark, do not play it too! And I in which one will bet again starting from 1 thousand, flat yard bets, until even large or even small broken as to.But when you lose the first one, the first not to bet, to assess other stations around the heart of water not bet or wager $ 100 to see which port is lose, and if so, this is two straight sets, then only Official Bet 1 thousand until 7 is the first nine, heart water Ruoguo estimate bet or wager 100 yuan is really in, and need to wait for the emergence of two straight sets!

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