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Sic Bo game is played there? Real money Sic Bo game how to play?

In Macau, many gamers will play Sic Bo game, even at the major online casinos, is favored, but a summary of many players is that, when playing this game can not win big money, always small little play trouble. This is why?

Real Money Sic Bo game may seem simple, but to play a good game and winning, it is not easy as you think of things. Gaming experts believe that as long as the master specific basic gameplay and long-term exploration, will be able to win a lot of money to find out approach.

Sic Bo game how to play? Sic Bo game basically play what? For many SicBo just starting players, the basic job is to understand the various play good Sic Bo game.

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First, find a dice table and select the smallest note to make sure that within your budget. The money you put the dice table, you do not even claim, the dealer will exchange your chips, but the dealer can not be your chips cash. You must go to the cashier to cash in chips. Players take turns throwing dice. If you go to someone being rolled dice table, you must wait until the next appearance before throwing bet. Just throwing hand throwing seven out, a player on the next become throwing hand. To vote via line note, it is necessary before throwing throwing hand throws early betting.

Good luck started throwing hand, and it would throw 7. Your double up, and now there is $ 10. You can collect winnings and keep the initial betting chips dice table unchanged, or you can bet stake and to double the bet. You decide the additional bet.

Now throw hand throw 8, so 8 becomes a set point. Remember, you want to throw hand throw before 7 8. A dealer will again throw a white plate called a marker town town dice table disk into place Note Area The number 8 on to indicate the set point. If the black side of town panel display, it means that the set point has not been established.

By threw a 3, then 5, and finally a pair consisting 8. Your chips have doubled again. Now you can pick up your stakes or for the next threw bets. These are the basic Sic Bo game ʱ??

Sic Bo rules of the basic game play: Do not blow when dice rolled dice or polished; just use a hand-dice, and then throw dice to hit the inner wall of the stage and try to throw the dice table when the dice rolls. If the dice fall elsewhere, the dice invalid. In addition to adopting cableNote, not through cable NOTE scope note to note or not to note outside, do not bet on the dice table anywhere else. nor in these areas inside lay down their bets. For other areas, must be replaced by the dealer that you cast your bet.

After introduction site betting experts believe that many players will play the game of Sic Bo have a better understanding, we want Sic Bo game winning SicBo you master gameplay it?

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