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Sic Bo Betting Strategies

Sic Bo, commonly referred to as the size of the bet is a dice gambling method, now most of the players who are in love with the play Sic Bo, where many people are concerned about is how to win money playing Sic Bo? Sicbo under Note should be taken of what strategy? Here Sic Bo master summarizes some of the recommendations betting strategy allows you to become excellent SicBo players playing Sic Bo winning easily.

Low risk Sic Bo betting strategies

Low-risk strategy is sound betting strategy, betting the house advantage as much as possible small bet area, such as the size of the bet (the dealer advantage of only 2.78%) and gambling figures, which are more suitable for beginners, because even bad luck will not lose a lot of money, and so play cooked later consider other strategies.

Medium risk Sic Bo betting strategies

If you want to win a lot of money but do not want to take a big risk, you can try a combination of bets, increasing the chance of winning. For example, if two dice results for 1:00, then the sum of the three dice may be 3, 4, 6, 7 or 8, it can not be 10, 11 or 12. So if you bet on the total area of ​​more than 8, may wish to note 1 in the next also more likely to guess so. If you want to bet, then the best total pressure of 10, 11 or 12, because the sum of up to a combination of these, the probability of the maximum charge.

Common betting strategy is as follows

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The sum of 9 three stakes, against 1, 5, 6 under two stakes each (a total of nine units next stakes), or the sum of 12 next three stakes, against 1 of 2, 6 under two stakes each (a total of nine units under bet).

This bet, if the sum guess, then won 18 stakes, if you guessed pair, then won 20 stakes, of course, if you imagine not lost nine stakes. This betting strategy is suitable for Sicbo Games are already familiar but tired players bet size.

Sic Bo game may seem simple, it has forced many casino players whom headache, because do not understand Sic Bo technique, they do not know how to win money playing Sic Bo.

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