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Sic Bo betting a single point, the calculation yields

The following is a loss that broken Game Luanxiang reconciled after .. Please suggest any errors or ignore the problem .. First leopard

Too depressed .. So from the beginning of permutations and combinations ..

Suppose there are N points on the line A, take any point has the same degree of probability. So there are two points to simultaneously take immediately take point E, 2 to simultaneously obtain the probability point of E is E / N * N

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Then the probability of occurrence of leopard is 2/216 = 0.00926 = 0.926%

Leopard odds are 30 to 0.2778 so expect earnings risk is 99.074%

The second consecutive negative rate of 42.67% of the fourth power (presumably the probability of a large supermarket sweepstakes grand prize .. have confidence you can play under)

The size of the problem is pressing.

According to the above returns the probability of each group size is 49% ..

Thus .. pressure on the aggregate size is doomed to failure

Psychology man named gambler effect or what what to say .. then sequence unrelated incident occurred before the probability of an event occurring. That is the probability of occurrence and not because of a previous incident occurring increases.

That is, the pressure is 49 percent the size of the probability of actually never pressed right.

The pressure is not wrong. Save that 50% of the

Thus pressure size in summary, will lose. Pressure leopard its price earnings ratio of the column is not a risk value.

Based on the above analysis still advise everyone! Away Gamblingʱ??

.. There is a practical verification of the above - yesterday bet hundreds of thousands return flows roughly into two hundred lost ..

Today at noon bet .. N times cash flow loss of about 30 thousand .. .. above-average probability proportional to ~ Well - - even bet fairly powerful .. lose badly not to say the ~ - who was no more thousands

Even decided not to bet the ~ really ...

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