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Play Sic Bo casino game to weaken the advantages of skills

Sic Bo Is a speculative Game Also win, will lose. But running a casino will never rely on speculation, they want to ensure that players respect has certain advantages. Advantages setting in the game.

Beat Casino

Unfortunately, the strategy is not used to deal with. Just try to weaken the casino advantage, and enjoy the fun of the game Sic Bo can do to bring you.

In Sic Bo game provides all bets, where there are many other small, there are more chances of winning bets smaller than the other hand, some bets but also gives you the opportunity to play for a draw and Casino If you can find these bets and stick with these bets is no law at all in the game of Sic Bo, your funds will be able to maintain a longer period of time, and you may also win a leave casino.

Sic Bo game disadvantageous bets

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Some of the most unfavorable bet casino advantages:

- The 5.6% full bet - Big 6 / Big 8 9.1%

- Angle Note 12.5%

- Double Dice 2 / Craps 12 13.9%

- Any 7 16.7%

Sic Bo game advantageous bets

Sic Bo game most favorable bet casino advantages:

- Over 1.41% - 1.36% but

- To 1.41%

- Not to 1.36%

Note that these so-called simple note.

Note the use of a combination of good and better Note

For a casino game, Sic Bo game simple injection of casino advantage has been a very reasonable, but not because it only started to play, you can actually do better. Playing table there is even difficult to find bet, called the "opportunity note" no casino staff will ask whether you want to bet odd note;.!. It is simply great "opportunities note" it is a simple injection of a complementary Once bets After betting, you can bet on any simple opportunity Note:

- Over

- But

- Come

- Not coming

Usually "chance note" will be limited to two or three times the original bet. For example, if you are under by injection of $ 10, then you can charge $ 20 for the opportunity to note twice. This can reduce the casino advantage to 0.6% However, if the Online Casino Promotional activities, allowing greater opportunities note, the casino advantage can be reduced to near zero, you can see the following table:

Bet casino advantage

By injection 1.41%

1x opportunity Note 0.85%

2x opportunity Note 0.61%

3 times the chance Note 0.47%

5 times the chance Note 0.33%

10 times the chance NOTE 0.18%

Sic Bo game to become a professional-level players, to maximize the advantage of weakening the casino, its strategy is to play simply by injection or by injection, and always in the back of the note with a prize pool of possible note.

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