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Craps / Craps (Craps) rules of the game and gameplay

Craps/ Craps (English name: Craps) is an American favorite CasinoGame One, Macau casinos is relatively small.

In all casino casino games, dice are winning or losing the quickest minds of many people, the most enjoyable casino game, is the only permitted shouting casino games, for the first time people who dabbled in a crazy Gambling In a crowded and noisy dice table, gamblers often have a tendency to confusion, so I suggest that beginners first casino free workshop scheduled to listen to a legend, after understanding, you can choose to their advantage gambling law without having to consider other choices.

Each dice casino gaming tables has four staff, box length (Boxman) In the middle is the host, responsible for monitoring the market makers and the entire casino games, and check the box of dice being thrown dice; in case there are two long sides bookmakers, each responsible for half of table games betting money claims; in addition there is a baton person (Stickman), armed with a soft stick, responsible for recovery after each dice roll the dice, and always check if there are any on the dice markings or damage. When the stakes have been exhausted, the baton will be the number of people to throw the dice push people, by the good candidate after throwing two dice, and then was picked leftover dice back.

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In the dice, the dice are usually obedient clockwise rotation thrown by the gamblers, if you do not want to throw, you can shake their heads, said the dealer will call on the next gambler throwing. Other gamblers choose to throw people with the same or opposite gambling law, therefore, throwing people throw all points related to the casino win or lose, but the casino is responsible for claims, are not mutually between gamblers bet.

When you throw any person turn, elect two dice, will be under the baton of the rest of the people back, after you put down bets can begin throwing, you can keep qualified people throw throw until "seven" (step down Point) or voluntarily abandoned if you throw out the first seven or eleven, you will immediately become the winner, received after claims can continue to roll; but if that is the first time you throw two, three or twelve point (usually referred to as dice), you instantly lose this time, but may continue as throwing people, because you have not yet thrown "seven" step down point.

If neither the first time you throw seven, eleven, nor is it two, three, twelve and so winning or losing points immediately, it is called "a point" (Come Out Roll). For example, you throw the four or five , six, eight, nine or ten o'clock in the bet? a number the box will put a token cards, so that all gamblers know that this is "Your point" (The Point), before you throw seven if once again throw "your point" Even winning; if no longer throw a "your point," you lose the bureau, qualifications and handed over to the next to throw a gambler.

This is the basic rule of the dice; as gambling laws have adopted and throwing people out "point" the same or opposite attitude, or special bet some point out or not, so that the vagaries of the dice into a stimulus casino games, with a dozen different gambling law. gamblers should try to maintain a simple and straightforward gambling law, and the idea to bet "casino expected winning" (House Advantage) minimum gambling law.

Some sophisticated gambling law, although the amount may be awarded up to 30 to one, but the casino is expected winning percentage is also high, and should be avoided to bet on this "fool note."

"But over and" (Pass and Do not Pass) casino is simple, and the casino is expected winning only about 1.4 percent, of people in the casino dice? About ninety percent of gamblers are playing this . gambling law simply says that you throw people bet to win or lose, bet "over" people, as long as throwing people win, you will win; the other hand, if you bet "However," while throwing when people win, you lose two, three also immediately lose points, all bet "over" the people immediately lose office, the only person with throwing some differences, when the first throw twelve when, though it is throwing people immediately lose points, but the bet "over" people, can that be a draw, regardless of victory or defeat.

"Come and do not come" (Come and Do not Come) is another gambling law in principle "over with, but" play almost, except that the play "over and but" must be fully discharged before throwing good bet; and "come and do not come," you must be the first time to vote to throw out the "dot" after put down bets before the first throw should not bet, but before the second, and any time throwing all You can bet.In this play, if throwing people out of the "out point" is nine, you can bet on their own "to" (Come) box, throwing out the next point is your "to point" If it is six, the dealer will take your bet on the "6" box, and keep your record, before rolling to the point before you throw if people throw out seven, you win that is to Board ; such as throwing people to throw seven, you lose; if people throw throw throw out the first of his "points out," you do not victory or defeat.

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