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Comments CASINO and Boeing SicBo

I have been in CASINO Play Sic Bo Now I can not play today bored go Week 8 Casino Boeing platform will play, I feel pretty good. For the two platforms SicBo game talk about something personal views.

First of all: the players two platforms have been, should have found CASINO dice is four square, Boeing is to hide (that is, there is no obvious water chestnut dice), this seemingly insignificant distinction, but will the impact that it is stacked dice of chance, you can get three square dice and three dice to shake hide, you will find the chance overlapping quadrangular dice will be much larger, geometric problems I do not to say, this is a little less than the judgment will affect the players thinking.CASINO old players should have such feelings, before overlap (weight is to re-roll the dice) in Yumbo Dalian small even when often, and this trend will change substantially the entire time out.

Second: the overall layout of the road from the disk point of view, clearly CASINO lot of disk than Boeing, and will play a lot more, I play today at Boeing seems to be no single and double this (should not mistaken), this point CASINO do a lot better than Boeing, his glance the entire disk, regardless of size, single and double, including several of the composition of each dice number is very clear, which is one of the reasons I love CASINO.

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Third: From the time point of view, CASINO platform to the players time to think twice about Boeing, CASINO platform every two intermediate intervals is about 45, but only 23 seconds in this regard Boeing Boeing CASINO inferior players. Thinking time is too short, even when black hurried might press wrong. Today, I play, you feel the time is pressing, plus Internet access speed is not very good, basically consisting of the dice to see which followed immediately began to shake under the countdown the (10 seconds to start the countdown).

Fourth: Sic Bo old players if there are statistics on different people the same roll 30 dice you will find not the same people the chance to shake out the size is completely different, and some big ones, while others on the contrary.Similarly, single and double, too, he had a rough statistical average CASINO platform will be replaced at a dealer shake a dealer between 27-38, why each roll of the dice each time the number of dealers will be different , with the players may bet profit related, found that many times, CASINO platform the size of a dragon or even jump out, basically in 25 substitutions, because the players are not stupid now basically does not react directly with in the end, a dealer may replace the chances will shake out is not the same.Today, the number is probably in the next 23 Boeing hand to hand 29 substitutions, Boeing because the statistics are not very careful just finished.

The overall feeling two platforms each have advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended to do disk Boeing platforms like CASINO is relatively clear, as clear, I believe will attract more players. Personal view point, purely entertainment. Ha ha.

Players: Boeing Live Casino Electronic table layout need to ask professionals to improve the look (graphic designer, the client application comfort), live studio also good, the transmission speed can be.

Players: but the overall look at the past, Boeing will feel more formal, rich tone, and CASINO is always kind of a single color, rough feeling.

Players: overall feeling two platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended to do disk Boeing platforms like CASINO is relatively clear, as clear, I believe will attract more players a little personal opinion, purely entertainment Oh hell...! CASINO is also known as clear and bright? video card, blurred. I suspect simply can control. So it's only play sports,Baccarat(Unlike dice dish so small). Withdrawals will see him play a few good speed only.

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