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WSOPE champion Jon Aguiar: The most effective way to improve the skills of playing cards is the time

2012, Jonathan Aguair very successful poker career over the past four months, he has made two six-figure score, nine laps into the award, a total of nearly $ 600,000 in prize money. His card technology during the past year In another upper level. Although nothing Aguair said that his recent accomplishments, but he should not underestimate the achievements in 2012 and his career total prize money of $ 1,446,904.

Recently, he was interviewed by the press to answer a few questions about poker. He explained why the poker world, time is the biggest interview why he did not give himself a year to develop goals and attract his new hobby. It should be noted that, WSOPE Event discussed below form Aguair win for mixed-Limit Hold'em. 9 were used during the game-handed system, 6-max system, 4-handed and heads-up system system.

Reporter: Tell us about how you and poker, recalled how you start playing cards, what makes you start career playing cards??

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Jonathan Aguiar (JA): I began playing cards in 2002, about before Pokerstars (PokerStars) Moneymaker poker outbreak of the year.I become attached to and poker thanks to freshman we live in an apartment, a junior from Canada.He was 22 years old, has been fascinated by the age of hockey, they play cards often buy beer organizations in the dormitory.Several nights a week we play.I was introduced to them on Pokerstars (PokerStars).I saved $ 30 on top, and thus began a poker journey.To the end of the junior year, the first time I hit the $ 10,000 funding.Then I set himself the target to earn $ 40,000 to graduate.So, I do not have to find work after graduation in a non unavailable, you can play cards full-time.

Reporter: 2012 is of great significance to you this is your most productive year career that you have made good achievements in the two effects in September and December, or do you feel that the licensing technology. increased?

JA: I'm lucky, after a long period of time is not so good and that gave me a lot of confidence, you can do more good decisions in the tournament, people often performed well in the year, sometimes like a... pure luck thing.

Reporter: This year you talk about that victory in the WSOPE, and prepare you do for this game special form of this event so you have an advantage over other players do??

JA:. I player at the poker table is not emotional, I just play particularly tight, a little closer to reward lap I knew I was in almost the remaining players are the best players singled cash innings and singled. SNG, I might play more than any other person remaining. some friends like Haxton, Scott Seiver, JC Alvarado, Tom Dwan, and so on, I learned a lot from them about the heads-up. Once the heads-up stage, and I only you need to defeat four people can take the gold bracelet and I to play a game as much as possible match between relax.

Reporter: The main way to learn when it comes to poker, a lot of people say that reading, learning or video poker players to learn from other peers, etc. Then you can say you think exercise licensing technology under the most effective way to do that and why it is the most effective.??

JA:. The time you get the greatest skill in poker is absolutely no emotion at a time and this can only come with time can last some time, I realized that I no longer affect the results when you... labor costs is no longer something you can not control when the effort, and it will make you free up time that part of the brain to pay attention to changes in the table, and then adjust your game plan.

Reporter: Do you have the network is no stranger to poker you love online poker is still poker you love the line about the future of US online poker is how to read.??

JA: I do not think the federal level there are legitimate online poker if the country is hard to say I hope that in 2014 --2016 years, online poker can be combined to provide a larger venue in the state, just as they are now in the Powerball and Maga.. Millions on the same cooperation. 'new' emerging poker network in the world so I am very happy because on Black Friday, and now I have a lot to be in Carmen and Toronto. They are my favorite city. I even have a fantasy sports new hobby Recently, a lot. I spend in the year, I like online and offline poker time to maintain balance. I think it is not necessary to love one more than the other.

Reporter: Considering your achievements, I think you would think of themselves primarily in Texas poker hand is a bar I noticed you also have some success in limited injection, mixing games and Omaha events, then, do you like to mix poker. , or do you also have the edge in the other poker?

JA: I started very early level playing Stud and Omaha fact, I was playing at the Foxwoods Limit Texas Hold'em to the, at that time, no-limit Texas, that's not how the popular I think I am a more comprehensive development. poker hand. Even now my biggest advantage is the unlimited notes to now focus on just one poker is very boring, mix it interesting.

Reporter: Tell us about your plans in 2013. Your self-confidence should be quite high so, what is your higher goals still willing to maintain the current state, please explain.?.

JA: I no longer have a year goal in poker so much luck into the final table you can not set such a goal, or how much money you win as long as possible to play, put the time, then you can expect the output I want.... I chase WPT player of the year. So, it will be very interesting. But, now I will not put too much effort to chase it.

Reporter: In the table, you are a kind of person, tell us about your plans to play cards you have, in the past engaged in any other business you envision.?

JA: To be honest, I'm lazy.I have nine months of the year from here to there playing cards.Therefore, when not traveling, I'm just rest, relaxation.In this year, I have arranged two real vacation.So, after the PCA, I look forward to a period of time to say goodbye to poker Affairs.I have a few years no real hobby.My spare time gave daily fantasy sports.I also play, but also for a rapid growth of fantasy sports-related sites ---- DraftKings.com consulting.Found an innovative entertainment and economic export really interesting.I hope that it will flourish like poker.If it is a big development in the next two years, that would take up a lot of my energy poker.

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